Darkness In Paradise Chapter 1: Here

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She had the Organisation XIII hood. But she wasn't a part of the Organisation. The sand she was standing on was yellow, and the ocean in front of her was lapping at the shore softly. There was a big rock to her right, behind her a little, and a palm tree to her front left. She was staring out at the sky, but her face was invisible below the cowl of her cloak. A footstep crunched behind her. They was looking around, confused.

"Hey, where am I? And who are you?!?" He asked.


Huh? Where am I? All I could see was black, and I was radiating light like a beacon. Then, I heard a voice in my head.

You have been asleep. Wake. And when you hear Sora, know that it is not Sora that you hear, but instead your friend, Sebastian. Wake up now. Your friends will need you.

Who are you? Do I even know you? And which friends? WHY DO I LOOK LIKE KAIRI!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

~Flashback Ends~

Sebastian? He's here....?! Well, at least I won't be alone... These were the girls thoughts.

"Sora...?" The girl said. Hang on. I said Sora out loud, when I really meant to say Sebastian.

"Sora?"she said again. Maybe, in his mind he is Sebastian, and he is in Sora's body? I hope he knows what I mean....

Hey, what am I doing here? And why are they calling me Sora? I'm Sebastian!

"I'm not Sora, I'm Sora...." said Sebastian. Wait. I'm Sebastian. I swear I said Sebastian. Well, I guess I look like Sora.... Who are they? They haven't even turned around! I wonder if they know that I'm really Sebastian, just Sora's name is being spoken instead. I really want to know why that's happening...

(A/N Art by riotfaerie on Deviant Art)

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