Light and Dark Chapter 1: The Raft

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"Wake up silly, we nearly finished without you! You're just as bad as Sora sometimes!" Saber woke up, his eyesight all fuzzy from sleeping. Once it had cleared, he saw Krystal poking her tongue out at him. He groaned.

"But I was having a good dream..." He complained back.

"Oh well! We're nearly done, and you're supposed to be helping!" She put her hands on her hips. He took a deep breath and sighed.

"Fiiiiine, I'll help." He went to get up, but had something thrown at him, which knocked him back. It was supplies for the raft.

"Good! Take these to the raft, and I'll meet you there." She smiled. But he frowned.

"Why do I have to take the supplies?" He asked.

"Because you have to help!" Krystal turned heel. "See you at the raft." She waved over her shoulder, and left.

"Hey wait uuuuuup!" He stood up, and started to run. But after a couple of steps, he fell over. Krystal sighed.

"I said I'd meet you there. It's that way." She pointed. "You all right?" Saber picked himself up again.

"Yeah, I'm ok." He started off towards the raft. Krystal laughed and continued on walking.

Riku was at the raft when Saber got there.

"Hey Saber, You're finally helping!" Was the greeting that Saber got from him.

"Of course I am." He frowned as he put the supplies down. That's the moment that Krystal returned.

"Riku, I hope you're being nice!" She said. She hastily pocketed something that the boys didn't see. Riku said, "Of course I am!", at the same time Saber said, "He's never nice...." Riku protested with a a hurt 'Hey!', but Krystal just rolled her eyes. Krystal was standing next to Saber at the raft, and Riku across from them. But as Sora and Kairi arrived, Saber and Krystal turned, whereas Riku just looked past them and re-adjusted his position.

"Hey you three!" They said. Saber smirked.

"Hey look. It's the lovebirds." He mocked. Krystal laughed.

"Says you!" Retorted Sora, and it wiped the smirk off Saber's face. These two were usually like this.

"Hah!" Sora pointed at Saber, as he knew he won this time. Riku, feeling a little left out, decided to say something.

"Are we going to check everything is ready for tomorrow?" Riku shrugged, and Saber laid back down.

"Well, I'm going back to sleep." He said.

"No you're not!" Krystal said, shaking him.

"We got everything? Cause I'm hungry! It's lunch time..." Kairi said, as her tummy grumbled.

"I'm not getting up." Said Saber, ignoring Kairi's question. Kairi shrugged at Riku, and he shrugged back. They guessed the they weren't getting an answer anytime soon.

"Yes-you-are!" Krystal said, as she pulled him into a sitting position.

"No-I'm-not!" Replied Saber, imitating Krystal as he laid immediately back down.

"Fine then!" Krystal pushed him over, then crossed her arms. The other three laughed, then left them to it, getting lunch because they were hungry. Saber moved his head, saw that the others were gone, then moved his head back.

"Yay, now I can sleep..." He said.

"I'm still here." She laid down. "What were you dreaming about earlier?"

"Nothing." He replied simply.

"But you said you were having a good dream. I was just wondering." Krystal stared up at the sky, and Saber closed his eyes.

"Well I was dreaming, it's just I'd rather keep it private..." He sighed deeply.

"Oh." Krystal wasn't expecting that. "Ok. What are we going to do when we go out there you reckon? What do you think we'll find? Riku thinks another world..." She was just so full of questions, so eager to leave and explore.

"I don't know. I honestly don't know what to think." He said, opening his eyes and staring up into the blue sky. Krystal sat up again, and sighed.

"We should probably go get something to eat." She poked him.

"That sounds like a good idea." Saber sat up as well, and poked Krystal back. Krystal poked Saber once more, and quickly scrambled out of the way. Saber just sighed.

"I'm going to get some food." Krystal pouted, then smiled. She thought they were going to play poke tag again, but to no avail. He mustn't have been in the mood today. Saber grabbed some of the supplies and munched on them, whereas Krystal went to the sitting tree that they all usually say goodnight at, and picked a fruit from there to eat. Saber stayed at the raft. Krystal ate her fruit slowly. Somehow, a few minutes later, Saber managed to fall off the raft. Krystal looked over.

"Saber, how do fall off a raft, that's on the ground?" She had trouble trying to keep a straight face. Saber groaned, because it hurt a little.

"I don't know...." He said. Krystal couldn't hold it in anymore, and laughed.

"Come here." She patted the tree trunk beside her.

"Fine." He ran up and jumped onto the tree beside her. She pulled out what she was fiddling with earlier.

"What are you fiddling with?" Saber asked, looking at Krystal's hands.

"Shells and string." She didn't look up.

"Did you make it?"


"It looks pretty." He commented.

"Thanks." Saber yawned.

"I'm tired. I'm gonna go get some sleep."

"Oh. Ok. I'll be here, fiddling with stuff..." Krystal had a sad, but determined look on her face. As Saber turned around, he fell off the tree.

"Ow." Krystal laughed.

"Don't ever change Saber." Saber rolled over.

"I won't."

"Good." She looked up, off into the distance, and smiled. Her fingers were still fiddling around with the shells and string, seemingly having a mind of their own. Saber leant up against the tree, and slowly fell asleep.

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