50 Word short stories

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This was for a competition, but I wrote about seven just because I had the time.

Weapon Practice

"Zephy!" She turned around and ducked. A blade swung near her face. She kicked her attacker onto their butt, and turned around to swing at someone advancing. She gave a thanks to Robin as they moved back to back. They continued to fight together until the bell sounded for lunch.

Secrets Betrayed

She struggled against her bonds. The chair squeaked and scraped, but to no avail. She was going to die here, she knew it.

"I trusted you. You betrayed me!' A voice said.

"I'm sorry!" She begged. But they didn't care. They slit her throat without a second thought and left.


Standing at my locker, the girls chatting away. Gossiping as usual. Name. Cheat. Girl's name. Then mine. How could he? School passes in a daze. Rush to his house. Being too rash. Burst open the door. Ask him, half screaming, half begging. Attempts apology. Pulls out gun. Bang. He's gone. 


A glistening tear fell down her cheek. One. Then another. It wasn't long until it was like a rain of tears, landing with a very soft thud on the ground. As sun set behind her, she looked out into the ocean. He wasn't coming home. She turned, and trudged home.


The feeling starts in your heart. Then it spreads. To your shoulders, down your arms into your fingers. Through your torso and down to your feet. Then to your head, where you feel a little light. You smile widely. Your voice goes a little high. You are happy. Very happy.


Just can't take it anymore. Too much to handle. Need to release it somehow. It starts with a growl. Then a shout. Then it gets louder, a yell. After that, a punch. Two punches. A cracked wall. Scared people. It slowly drains out. That's when you realise what happened.


Nothing. Just, nothing. No emotion. No feeling. Nothing. Searching for something that might help. Nothing helps. Try pretending. Doesn't help. Nothing helps. Just feel empty. People try to understand, but they can't. They don't know how. Out of tears, the well has dried up. Forgotten how. So alone. And empty.


A fluttering in the chest. The warmth. The blush. Can't stop staring, or the fantasies that come to mind. The small smile. The friendly teasing from others. The hopes. The wishes. But also uncertainty. Not knowing if they love you back, or if it's for someone else. Until they ask. 

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