Alternate starts for The Drive

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I wasn't sure how to write the story, so I wrote multiple versions. Here you go!

Lucas' P.O.V.

I walking down the hill, towards my bus stop with my bag, like I always do. My name is Lucas, but I a better known as Leith. I am a huge gamer and I also code. Looking forward to today, I jumped over a crack in the pavement, but when I landed, I ended up somewhere else. Ok, definitely not what I had I mind. I do that everyday, so what made today different? I hope it wasn't that I was actually looking forward to today. I looked around the white room, and saw mirror, with a sink. I walked over and put my bag down. A sick feeling had overcome my stomach, and bending over the sink I saw my face a little paler and my short black hair slightly tousled on my head. The feeling passed after a moment, and I looked around the rest of the room. I spotted a door, but when I approached, I saw that it was mechanical, so no handle. All the walls were white, and there was a computer, and a TV with a few consoles and many games for each. There was also a bed, and a fridge. Over at the bed, there was a beaten up, old cardboard box, hidden away underneath. I walked over to it, an pulled it out. A white piece of paper was sticky-taped to the top. What the hell is this? It had big, black writing printed nicely on it.

When you have lost all hope, open the box.

What in the world's that supposed to mean? Opening the box, I saw a helmet with some kind of matching fabric. I put the helmet on the bed and pulled out the rest of it. It was a racing suit, with gloves and had socks.. It looks like it would fit me too. That's a little scary. Standing, I held the suit up to me. Yep, would definitely fit me. I quickly put on the suit, wondering what made this suit so special. At a glance, it was just a green-grey suit with a blue stripe down the side. I faltered slightly when I picked helmet. The suit had gloves as a part of it. What could go wrong? I'm only here until I can leave... Right? I pulled the helmet over my head, and there was a voice, as things began lighting up and opening in his view through the helmet visor.

"Hello, and welcome, to The Drive."

General P.O.V.

Lucas was walking to his bus stop for school. He was looking forward to today. As he was walking, his bag bounced on his back. Looking down at the concrete, he came up to a crack that he jumped over, every day. But today, when he landed, he wasn't in the street anymore.

A terrible wave sickness came over Lucas when he landed, doubling over as his feet hit the ground. He put his hand out to stop himself from falling over. He grabbed something and pulled himself up. When he looked up, he saw himself. As the sickness passed, he realised it was a mirror, and he was leaning on a sink. Ok, this is weird. What happened? He spotted the door in an all white room, and walked over. There was no handle, so it was definitely mechanical, but it didn't open for him. Going to need to find a different way out then. He took in the rest of the room. There was a TV, with consoles and games, a computer, a fridge and a bed. The only thing in the room that wasn't white or grey, was a brown box, poking out slightly. Even though he loved games and wanted to check out the computer, the box caught his interest, due to it's different colour compared to the rest of the room. He pulled it out, dumping his bag beside him as he did so. There was a white piece of paper with black writing on it.

When you have lost all hope, open the box.

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Not understanding, he opened the box anyway, out of curiosity. In the back of his mind, the old Greek-based story popped up, about Pandora's Box. He paid it no mind as he pulled a helmet. He then pulled out a body suit, with socks and gloves joined to it. It looks like it would fit me. That's a little scary, he thought. Holding it up on himself, it was definitely the right size. Yep, would definitely fit me. He got changed into the suit, but hesitated with the helmet. To any passer-by, it was just a green-grey racing suit with a blue stripe down the side. What could go wrong? I'm only here until I can leave... Right? He pulled the helmet on, and things began to pop up in his visor and open. A voice spoke.

"Hello, and welcome, to The Drive."

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