A Perspective on Love

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Say we are all in the dark. We're used to it though. Sometimes, we hear others in the dark, and eventually there are times were the voices grow louder, as you grow closer together. These are your friends. But there are a very rare few occasions where, if your lucky, there might be a particular voice you grow close to. So very close. And then, there's a little voice that says 'Hey, there's more than this darkness. You want to see the light?' And then because it's something new, and different, you say yes. The light everyone has heard of, and it's rumoured that it makes you feel like a higher, elated version of yourself. So, naturally, you both say yes, and you make it to that light.

But not everyone stays there.

In fact, it's very uncommon to get to stay there, sometimes not even for very long.

Sometimes you fight. Sometimes it's something else.

Most of the time there is a feeling of betrayal.

Of hurt.

An extreme sadness, like a pain that will never go away.

These times, you sink back into the darkness, further than you started, and hurt.

Sometimes alone, sometimes with friends.

Other times, it's mutual. You both decide, 'Well, this was cool, we tried but we don't really think this is working any more.' And you both think that if it's ok like that, you get to stay in the light. After all, nothing bad actually happened.

But, after a while you'll notice everything does get darker.

Mostly slowly.

You might think, 'wait, this isn't fair!'

But really, it is.

Because your alone.

And being alone, is never a good thing.

That hurts too much.

But, we try anyway, even if it's for those few moments where, at least you can say that you had fun.

But the Darkness always claims all.

And our Hearts never learn.

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