A Bridge To Wiseman's Cove Alternate/Extended Ending

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We had to do this for school, so I figured I should post it. I am pretty happy with it too.

I do not own anything. The original story was written by James Moloney. Enjoy :)

Joy had left Carl and Justine on the deck of the barge, going to tell Skip that Carl knew now. Justine had a hold of Carl's hand still, giving him comfort. She pulled him into a hug, and the tears increased. They stood there for a few minutes, before Justine pulled back and looked up at Carl. His eyes were red, and his cheeks a little puffy.

"Well, at least you know now. Maybe all that worrying and hoping wasn't for nothing after all." Justine had tears in her eyes as well. She knew how hard it must be for him to find out after all this time.

"Yeah... Maybe." Carl nodded, having trouble speaking. They moved over to the edge of the barge, and sat on the rim, holding hands and watching the wake in the water. It was a beautiful night. Joy walked up to the door, and saw them together. So she decided to leave them to have their little moment alone.

"I don't know what I would do if I was in your shoes Carl. I really don't." A tear fell down her cheek. Carl squeezed her hand, looking at her face. Then she threw her head back and did her trademark laugh, her hair falling back onto her shoulders and her mouth wide open. Carl, for a moment, wondered how well she would catch food opening her mouth like that.

"I shouldn't be the one crying though. It's not my mum, or even my family. I mean, I like you Carl. But..... You know what I mean, right?" Carl nodded again.

"I don't mind that you're crying. I mean, it makes me feel a bit better about doing so. Means I'm not the only one who would cry about something like this." The pair of them sat there for a few more minutes, a comfortable silence. Carl had stopped crying, and Justine's face had returned to it's normal colour, their hands never leaving each other's grasp, even for a second.

"Hey... Because Mum's not around to love us any more..... Would you do that for me?" Carl sounded like a child. Justine thought it was cute. She smiled broadly.

"Of course! Only if you let me, and stop playing dead. Can you do that for me?" Carl smiled a little.

"Sure. So, it's official?" Justine looked a little confused.



"Oh...." Justine giggled. "Yeah."

A short while later, they arrived at the island. Harley looked happy, and was blabbing on to Carl about how to drive the barge. His words were starting to slur, as he was tired and it was getting late. Carl was listening intently. At one point, Joy looked back from her conversation with Skip at him, saw his hand linked with Justine's and they both blushed a little. Well, a bit more than a little for Justine. She turned back to Skip and they continued talking. They got to the house, and Carl went to go inside, but Justine had stopped walking.

"Something wrong?" He asked.

"I"m supposed to be going home. Mum wouldn't know that if I was going to sleep over here or not."

Joy must have heard, because she was the one who replied.

"I can call her if you want, and Maddie left some of her clothes here that might fit, if you want to borrow them." Justine smiled, and nodded.

"Thanks Joy." They walked inside, Harley and Skip already in the house.

They got ready for sleep, arranging sleeping places and changing clothes. Harley was in bed and fast asleep almost immediately. Skip disappeared, seemingly having gone to bed as well. Joy was helping Justine clean up Maddie's room. Just before it was finished, Justine came out to talk to Carl, who was about to go to sleep.

"Hey, did you want to come to my house tomorrow for dinner? I figured, since you weren't tied down at work or at home any more, you might want to... I'm sure my parents are sick of hearing me talking about you by now." Carl gave a tired smile.

"Sure. I'd love to." He got up, and gave Justine a hug. His hands slipped under her hair and settled on her shoulders. Justine's head was turned to the side, against his chest. Her arms were around his waist. Carl gave her a small squeeze, and they pulled apart.

"Goodnight Jus."

"'Night Carl." Justine slipped away, off to Maddie's room to sleep. Carl returned to the bed, and pulled the covers up and over his chest. He thought about the warmth of Justine's hug, and her laugh, and smiled. He realised now, that Maddie was more like a sister to him since she had talked to him that first time, and he was the protective older brother. It was Justine he loved, and that wasn't going to change.

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