Darkness In Paradise Chapter 6: The Sleepers and the Leaving Party

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"Sora, gonna come sit down? We have been waiting a long time for you, ya know!" Kairi called out. Sora laughed.

"You sound like Wakka, ya know?" He laughed some more, came over and sat down. Kairi laughed too.

"So, Sora!" Cried out a small voice. It was Jiminy Cricket. "Where've ya been?" Sora looked at Kairi, and she mouthed 'sleeping'

"Sleeping....?" Replied Sora. He didn't know why he would have been sleeping, but he decided to just go with it.

"So.... The same thing as with Kairi." Mused Ansem.

"And me!" Piped up Queen Minnie.

"Me too." Said a gruff voice from the door. Everyone turned to look.

"Riku! I found Sora!" Exclaimed Kairi, when she saw the figure at the door. It was Riku, leaning up against the wall and he was holding a Keyblade in his hand. It disappeared, and Riku got off the wall. He made an empty gesture with his hand.

"Many of us seem to have been 'sleeping'. Namine too."

"How would you know?" Kairi asked.

"She told me. Anyway. Sora. It's been a while." Riku nodded his head in Sora's general direction.

I'm just gonna roll with this. I've played enough Kingdom Hearts I think to be able to do this! Thought Sora.

"Hey Riku!" Sora waved, and he came over.

"So, Riku, where've ya been?" Said Mickey in his own mousey way.

"Business." Was all Riku said.

"What kind of business....?" Asked Kairi, trying to get him to explain further, but Riku just shook his head, so she let it drop. Instead she asked:

"What's with the gathering? Something wrong?"

Ansem took a deep breath, and everyone turned to him. "The Heartless have begun to spread again. We were wondering if you wanted to deal with them Kairi. We figured, that if Riku was here, he may have wanted to join you."

Kairi nodded enthusiastically, whilst Riku just shrugged his shoulders.

"Hey, can I come too?" Piped up Sora.

"Pleeeeease?" Both Sora and Kairi clasped their hands and begged. Then, they looked at each other and laughed.

"Us too!" Quacked Donald.

"Gawrsh, ya can't forget us!" Added Goofy. Kairi cringed a little, because she forgot they were there.

"Sure! Why not? They can all go together, and re-eradicate the Heartless. And because they are together, they will get the job done quickly." Said Minnie. Kairi fist-pumped the air, Donald and Goody hi-fived, but Riku shook his head.

"Aren't you gonna come too?" Sora asked. Riku just shook his head again.

"If you're all going, then there's no point in me tagging along as well." He turned to leave, but before he could, a loud screech of the bottom of a chair's legs being pushed against the ground. It was Kairi, with her hair covering her face. A tear dropped onto the table.

"Why don't you do anything with us anymore? Why do you leave so much? What is so important, that you can't even tell us anything about?!" She sobbed, and more tears dropped onto the table. But Riku just said:

"Business. That's all I can say. Sorry Kairi." Then, he left. Sora got up and went to Kairi. He patted her on the back in an attempt of being comforting and reassuring, but he wasn't quite sure how to do it.

"It's ok...." He said.

"Thanks Sora...." Kairi slowly stopped crying. "At least you'll be there!" She laughed shakily, and smiled.

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