Darkness In Paradise Chapters 4&5

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Disney Castle:

The sand stopped swirling, and formed Disney Castle.

"Woah...." said Sora, as his feet landed on the ground.

"We're at Disney Castle! It looks so much cooler first person!" he exclaimed.

"Heha! I know, right?" agreed Kairi. "I thought the same thing when I first saw this place... Now, we should probably get going. There are people to meet!" And with that, she hurried off. Sora hurried to follow.

This Is Not A Game. Not Any More.

There was a meeting in the castle library. Ansem, Mickey, Minnie, Jiminy Cricket, Donald and Goofy were talking amongst themselves, when Kairi came bursting through the door.

"He's here!" She squealed. She skidded to a stop, and regained her composure.

"The guy we've all been waiting for, Sora!" As Kairi said Sora's name, Sora skidded to halt in front of the door.

"Hey, that's not fair! You know your way around here better than I do!" Sora yelled at Kairi.

"Well, you've probably played this game just as much as me!" Kairi teased.

"What game...?" Asked Ansem.

Crap. I forgot. Not everyone here knows that Kingdom Hearts is just a game. For them, this is real!

"Excuse me a moment, sorry!" And with that, Kairi marched up to Sora, grabbed him by the arm, and pulled him back through the door that they just came through.

"Hey, what?!" Sora tried to make Kairi let go, but because he was taken by surprise, he couldn't. Kairi leaned over to Sora and whispered in his ear.

"Not everyone here knows that Kingdom Hearts is just a game. To them, this is very real. I just forgot that myself... Be careful, ok?"

Sora nodded, and Kairi walked back into the Library.

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