True Madness - Hmm, who is this? And I wonder if they want to play.

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Tira's P.O.V.

I was looking over the river in Ostrheinsburg. We had finally achieved our happiness! Soul Edge is now in rule, and we can do what we want, when we want. As long as we patrol Ostrheinsburg, and don't betray Soul Edge to those who may seek to destroy it, which we never dream of doing, would we? No. Not after how far we've come, and how happy we are. A raven landed on my shoulder, and told me that there was someone on the raft, which was now approaching the bridge. I nodded, and, with Eiserne Drossel on my shoulder, I left for the bridge.

As I got there, I could see someone very unusual lying on the raft. She looked like she was unconscious. Her hair, was in two pigtails, and it looked like her hair had been bleached somehow. And the tips, on one side, they were red, and the other they were black. She had a hammer on her back, and a something strapped to either thigh. I'm not sure what though. She had red and black clothes on, the colours alternating from either side. Sometimes, diamonds of the opposite colour compared to what side it was on. (If that makes sense....). Her eyes opened, and she slowly sat up. "Mr J......? Are you here?"

Harley's P.O.V.

Owchies! My head really hurts.....

"Mr J......? Are you here?" I managed to croak. Then it all came back to me. The ship, Batman, And - *gasp*. Mr J.!! He fell unconscious, but he saved me! Why did I hit him? Oh....... It was because I thought he didn't care anymore. I was slumped on my knees on some raft in some place that I have no idea where. I didn't care. My head fell back and I closed my eyes."MR J!!!! HARLEY IS SO SORRY!!!!!" I shouted, in hopes that he could hear me. My head fell back forward and I started crying.

I know, it's not technically a finished chapter, but might as well end this one here anyway, until later update, if I decide to.

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