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We want what we can't have. We destroy, what we create. We are parasites in an indifferent universe, feeding upon it and slowly destroying it no matter how hard we try not to.

Think of us like this.

We are on one side of a set of bars. What we want is on the other. We are hungry, so we reach through the bars to grab the food, and the bars don't seem to really be there. But when we bring the food to our mouths, it makes us hungrier, instead of satisfying us. So we reach for more, but to the same effect.

Our hearts are hungry, so we try to feed them. But our minds are the bars that say, 'Hey, this isn't right, it won't fix anything.' Yet our hearts reach out for what they want, and then once they have it, its never enough. Our minds try and try so very hard to teach our hearts, but our hearts never listen.

It's like the difference between logic and emotion.

And that's what causes us to destroy what we love, faster than what we create.

We unintentionally crave disaster, because we do things we think we want, and then we want more and more, until eventually what we want is well and truly gone, and only then do we realise we should have listened to our heads, not our hearts.

And this indifferent universe we live in isn't helping us. It's inadvertently causing it's own destruction by leaving things for us to find, that we then think we want, even for curiosity, and then we slowly destroy it.

That's what we do in science.

It's what we do in love.

It's what we are doing to our planet.

And it's even what our bodies are doing to us, right now, every single second, of every single minute in each day. Even sleep is just like preparation for death.

But I don't want to die.

Gods... I really don't want to die.

I guess that's why we write, why we create, and even sometimes why we love, or destroy.

Because we don't want to die.

We think it might help.

Or maybe, just maybe...

It's so we're not forgotten.

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