LOST STORY: Fayth and Azmaha

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Author's Note: This was a story I started when I was very young, and do not remember the plot for it. The reason why I am calling it a lost story is because I went looking for it multiple times over many years, and have only just found it.

Chapter 1

The Road To Take.

Fayth and Azmaha were playing together outside in the forest. Fayth is a druid. She studies in Alchemy and Magic. Azmaha also studies Magic as well as Witchcraft.

They were doing a Treasure Hunt, when they were called in by Gwyndalen, Fayth's grandmother. They abandoned their hunt and ran straight to the master bedroom.

They found Gwyndalen lying weakly in her bed.

"I need you both to go to Laila Adventure Camp, otherwise known as The Camp of Magic." wheezed Gwyndalen.

"How do you propose for us to get there Madam Gwyndalen?" asked Azmaha politely.

"Do we go together?" asked Fayth, rapidly becoming stressed. Is She going crazy!!! These could be the last moments of her life! thought Fayth frantically.

"In answer to Fayth's question," said Gwyndalen slowly, "You will go together. I have arranged a carriage to take you there tomorrow eve." Then she burst into a bout of coughs.

Fayth ran straight into the kitchen to get a couple of bits and pieces to help Gwyndalen. Meanwhile, Azmaha stayed with Gwyndalen. Once Gwyndalen finished coughing, she reached carefully underneath one of her many pillows and pulled out an envelope. "This is for both of you." whispered Gwyndalen, "I think it's finally my turn to go." And then, she died.

Chapter 2

The Road to Take,

The Journey They Will Make

Finally Azmaha emerged from the room, still slightly sobbing from what just occurred, and made her way into the kitchen, where Fayth was getting some lemon tree bark and peach leaf tea. She looked up slowly, afraid she was going to hear some bad news.

"She is resting." said Azmaha, head hanging unusually low.

"Will she wake?" asked Fayth. Azmaha took in a big sigh.

"No." breathed Azmaha, letting out the sigh.

Trying to change the topic, Fayth said "What's that you're holding?"

"She gave it to me" said Azmaha, just remembering about the envelope that she had in her hand.

"Open it then" said Fayth, slightly getting excited.

"Ok then" agreed Azmaha.

Then she opened the envelope.

Chapter 3

The Road To Take,

The Journey To Make,

The Key That They Shall Hold

"It says..." began Azmaha.

"Keep going, come on..." encouraged Fayth impatiently.

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