Death's Children - The Note

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The next day, Mia was lying on her bed in the apartment that she and Jordan shared. Her mind worked like a probe, searching the apartment for her brother, but he wasn't there. Today's Saturday, Jordy's usually playing video games. Why would have gone out? It's not safe without both of us, Mia thought to herself. She got off her bed, got changed into her t-shirt and jeans and went to leave. As she walked past the kitchen, she saw a post-it note on the bench. It read:

Hey Mia, I've just gone over to Josh and Ash's apartment.

They said they wanted to talk to me about something. Didn't want to wake you.

See you soon,


Mia grabbed her keys to the apartment and realised Jordan had left his keys behind. Ok, Mia thought, something really weird is going on. First, Jordan went out, then he leaves a note for why,he's being nice and he's left his keys behind. What the hell is going on? I hope he's not in trouble or something. I mean, it's only Josh and Ash. For a split second, when she thought about Ash, her heart seemed to leap out of her chest. She didn't understand, because she only thought of him as another member of Death's Children. She ran out to her rusty old ute, and started to drive to Josh and Ash's place. As she pulled up to the lights, she thought

"Maybe I should go and ask Cleo if she knew about Josh and Ash wanting to talk to Jordan." She turned around the corner and drove to Cleo's place. She pulled up and and knocked on the door. Cleo answered the door and waved Mia in.

"Make yourself comfortable." she said, acting as if she was a host of a party or a meeting. As Cleo closed the door, she said more casually

"What's up?" Mia let out a deep sigh, and replied

"It's Jordan. He left a note on the bench and the writing seemed awfully nice compared to him usually. He also said where he was going and why, and that he didn't want to wake me, which is bizarre." Mia looked confused after she said this.

"Where did he say he was going?" asked Cleo tenderly.

"He said that he was going to Josh and Ash's place, because they wanted to speak to him about something." said Mia.

"Maybe we should go to their place?" suggested Cleo.

"Was planning on it." Agreed Mia. They walked out to Mia's car and drove to Josh and Ash's apartment. Once they were there, Mia looked up at the apartment. She noticed that all of the curtains where closed, which meant that if they where inside when someone walked in, they would get a slight advantage. Mia and Cleo walked up to the door and quietly tried the door handle. Cleo noticed that the door was unlocked, so she carefully pushed the door open. The house was eerily quite. Once Mia's eyes had adjusted, she noticed that the house was a mess. There was paper and some broken furniture strewn all over the floor. Mia and Cleo carefully made their way in between the mess on the floor, making sure to be quiet. As they entered the lounge room, Mia gasped suddenly.

There, on the floor, amidst the mess, lay Ash, unconscious. And Jordan and Josh were nowhere to be seen.

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