Darkness In Paradise Chapter 3: Leaving

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"I'll come with you. Only because I don't think there is anywhere else we can really go, on this tiny island...." said Sora.

"The only way to go anywhere, is to hold my hand. I can get out, but I don't think you can." explained Kairi. Sora nodded, and tentatively took Kairi's hand. She savoured the moment, because she never knew if it was going to ever happen again. Then, she started humming. (She was humming the beginning of Sanctuary, from the first two Kingdom Hearts games). Slowly, she turned to sand, but her hand was still holding onto Sora's.

"Kairi!" Sora flinched, and tried to let go of Kairi's hand, but she held on tightly. Don't worry, we'll be fine. Sora could almost hear her reassuring smile at the end, and he relaxed a little. Then, when Kairi's hand started disappearing, Sora freaked out again, then remembered what Kairi said. Then his hand started disappearing! But he could still feel Kairi's hand holding onto his. Slowly, he turned to sand, and so did the world around him. He became normal again, and he could see Kairi. But the world was still swirling sand, so he was standing on black. So was she.

Still humming Sanctuary, more to herself than anyone or anything else, Kairi was happy. She felt, complete. Sora was with her, and she was going to see Namine, The King (Mickey), The Queen (Minnie) Donald and Goofy. Riku she wished would be there too, but he had started disappeared recently. He seemed like he had, well, changed a bit. Became quieter, and more thoughtful. Well, Sora was here now too. And Ansem the Wise might be there! (The good one, not the evil one....)

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