Changing Angels/Lily Swap

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A/N: Crayne and Angel are from Ers, so this is a defenders story... Techincally, crossing over with Parts of Me as Lily is a Summon.

Crayne and Angel walked down to her apartment, upon her insistence of not wanting to blink.

"I have had enough of blinking for the next year at least!" Was her reason. He caved to her, since it wasn't even that far to walk anyway. They had just come out of Mother's Cavern, so they were nearly there now, when Angel suddenly doubled over in pain. She hit the nearby wall pretty hard too. Crayne raced over to her and held her so she wouldn't keep falling.

"Are you ok? What happened?" He was doing his best to keep calm, but he had no idea what it was. Did she perhaps get injured and neither of them realised? Or did it happen and she just didn't tell him?

"I have no idea-" She cried out again, and begin to glow white, which hurt both their eyes. "I-I get the feeling you might want to stand back.." She managed, before she felt as though she had lost her voice completely. Crayne reluctantly did as she said, unable to withstand the light any longer. He retreated a few steps, and had to close his right eye as well. when he had felt the light disappear, he found a different angel dusting herself off and getting up of of the floor.

"Well... That was a thing. Where am I though, that would probably be the best start..." She looked about herself, and spotted Crayne staring at her. "You're a demon." She put bluntly. "Right?" Crayne nodded.

"Where is Lily?" He asked her back. She looked confused.

"My name is Lily.... But you didn't know that did you?" Her eyes widen in sudden either shock or surprise, he couldn't tell. "I was swapped with someone! SHIT that's not good not good at all..." She began pacing slightly, and Crayne took this moment to observe her properly. Her wings were a different shade of grey to Angel's, but it was very close. She was wrapped in bandages from foot to nose, minus her wings, and the bandages over her nose where pulled down so she could talk properly. Her hair was also up in a similar way but the colour was a bit of a lighter brown. She had a tattered skirt that was a very close colour to her bandages, and did just enough to cover up anything that could possibly be seen underneath, provided that wasn't also covered up in the bandages. Her shirt was the same, having only one shoulder strap to keep it on. All in all, standing before him was an Angel neither Holy nor Fallen (he guessed) that looked like a very sandy yellow plus some dirt here and there. He also say the broken shackles about her wrists and ankles, and flashes of purple and green on her right wrist. Lily stopped to stare at him.

"Ok, think, there is a demon, what places do I know with Demons? Nightmares have demons within them but they are magic and not a place..." She clapped her hands loudly and suddenly, walking up to Crayne. "We're on Ers, aren't we?" He nodded, a little startled. Lily clapped her hands together. "Oh, goody! You know, you remind me of someone... Actually, you remind me of my Summoner that's from this universe, I have to go find him, otherwise I can't get home. Wanna help me? I need to find Rani." Her words were really fast.

"If you go home, will Angel come back?" He asked first.

"If Angel is your Lily then yes she will." This Lily nodded.

"All right then, I'll help. Only so she comes back home. Who's Rani?" He felt like he should know who it was, but couldn't pick it just now.

"Um, maybe you know her as Ari, I know that's her other nickname. I dunno her actual name. She's a Fallen Angel, and a goddess..." By this point Crayne was already nodding.

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