Light and Dark Chapter 3: The Darkness Fights Back, and Takes Hold

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"Awww! They look so cute when they try to fight!" Saber said, as he kicked one off him. More came at him, and he was being forced to move, due to their sheer numbers.

"Evil little things....." Saber muttered kicking more away from him. They had made him move all the way up to the top of he hill, overlooking the raft. He was walking backwards, unaware of what was behind him. Laughter rang out over the hill top, and it sounded joyous, but a little twisted. Saber kicked another creature away from him, and turned around.

"Who was that?" He saw the speaker, surrounded in darkness. It was Krystal.

"You're here!" She said, in an excited voice. "And they are too! They are so cute!" She picked up one of the creatures, and nuzzled it like it was a soft, fuzzy kitten. The creatures had stopped attacking Saber, or at least, for the moment.

"No, they are not." He backed up a bit.

"Well, too bad for you." She held the shadow creature from before like a treasured pet.

"Well, I'm going with them. You can stay with Sora." She sneered at the mention of their friend's name. "I might see you later." She laughed again.

"Krystal, why are you like this all of a sudden?" Saber continued to back up slowly, with worry filling his voice.

"Because, they said I could do, and have things I could only dream of. They said I wouldn't be afraid anymore, and I could leave this stupid island. They said we could be friends." Her eye teared up a little at the thought of all the possibilities.

"Krystal, I don't know who told you this, but I wouldn't trust them." He picked up a stick, and started fighting the creatures once more, as they had begun to attack him again.

"Why not? They seem so nice." The darkness had started to enclose around Krystal slowly, her legs covered completely in swirling darkness.

"They're destroying the island, look around you." They were coming at him quicker now, and he was running out of breath.

"So? Riku left. Sora.... Is around somewhere, not necessarily here. Kairi's left somewhere, she's not here. We could leave, together even, maybe." She held out her hand, holding the shadow in the other. The darkness swirled around her, getting thicker. Saber ran towards Krystal, reaching for her hand. But the darkness was too thick, and too fast. It enclosed her before he could get there, and the little dark creatures got in his way. He hit them away the stick in his hand, but it was too late. By the time the dark had left, she was gone.

Krystal had been taken by the darkness.

And Saber couldn't stop it.

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