Spirit Bound-Prologue

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Part 1:

As your usual day would start in a fictional universe, something mildly interesting, but still somewhat normal happens. And this small event will set off a major chain of events that will change their lives forever.

Just a little warning.

Some of these guys, have super crazy moments, 'kay?

Now let's go!


"Hurry up, slowpoke! And you call yourself a master thief..." Chided Eve, as her partner in crime, Damian, ran to catch up.

"Well, I'm sorry that I'm not that fast..." panted Damian. Eve smiled. These two have known each other for the majority of their lives, teaching and learning little tricks from each other. She looked up to Damian.This was because she was a Halfling, and he was human, not because that she admired him. Well, not that much anyway....

"They look like their pockets are full. Why don't we lighten their load?" Damian pointed and asked. Eve looked around the little square. She spotted 2 guards at the coming round the corner.

"We better be careful. Make sure you do it right this time!" Damian was a little bit of a klutz sometimes. He nodded.

"I'll take that person. You take them.' The both nodded. The had done this many times before, and usually get a good distance away before they realised that they had been stolen from. She casually walked towards the man she had marked for herself. As she was small, sometimes she could pass for an innocent, clumsy little girl. She ran into the man's leg, and fell over. But as she did so, her hand snuck into his pocket and took some of the money from his pocket.

"Hey! Watch where your going!" The man said gruffly.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean too!" She stood up hastily, and shoved her hand into her pocket, dropping the coins into it's depths, and keeping it there. She turned and ran away a little, keeping up the pretence. Not long after, a cry of alarm came from the other side of the square.

"Hey! That man stole my money! Guards!" Damian must've accidentally alerted the woman he was stealing from. But this time, the guards reacted a lot quicker than the usual ones. He looked panicked.

"Run!" shouted Eve, and that's what he did. She pulled out her whip and managed to lash it to one of the guard's arms. He dropped his pike, and she pulled. He fell over, and Eve managed to pull it off him, probably rendering that arm useless for a while now. The other guard, however, was still armed and now running after Damian, getting close to Eve.

"Time to go! Thank you!" She started running. As she was running, she hastily put her whip away, coins clinking in her pockets and her short sword bumping her legs as she ran. Damian was up ahead, waiting by a ladder, waving her closer. She could hear the guard catching up, and the crowds parted as she ran through the town, the guard chasing. She got closer. She took a running leap at the ladder, that Damian had already climbed. But before she could hit the ladder and start climbing, she was plucked out of the air. After so many years of stealing, and running, she had never been caught. Until now.

Part 2:

The guard had Eve by the back of her clothes.

"Eve!" Damian yelled.

"Gagh!" Eve's voice went all high pitch for a second.

"Gotcha." Said the guard.

Because Eve was so small, the guard could easily lift her off the ground and keep her there.

"Hey! Put her down!" Damian yelled, pulling out a dagger. Eve shook her head, whimpering. She knew he was ok with his aim, but not always. She was a little worried. The guard laughed. Damian took aim, and threw. It hit the guard in the eye, and he dropped Eve.

"You little bastard! You will pay for that!" The guard bellowed in pain, his hands clutching around the dagger. Eve scrambled up the ladder, and started running. Damian ran alongside her.

"Well done, Captain Klutz! We nearly got caught this time...." Eve was clearly rattled. Damian felt bad."I'm sorry.... I didn't mean for you to get caught like that. You looked really scared. Are you ok?"

"No! Not really. But I will be later..... I think. You were really lucky with that throw, too. I didn't want you to throw because he was moving me around a lot, and there was a chance you would have hit me....." A tear rolled down her face. They ran from rooftop to rooftop, jumping the gaps with practised ease.

After a while of silence, Damian spoke up.

"We should probably move towns. They'll be looking for us." He was looking down, watching whereto put his feet.

"I agree. Too much heat here now. What about to the town on the other side of the forest?" She slipped, but caught herself and kept going.

"I'm going to miss this town. I know it too well."

"Yeah, me too. Maybe we could come back another time, to see if the heat dies down at all, and we could start again....!" Said Damian wistfully.

"But at least we would be together. That's all we need. Right?" Eve looked up at Damian. He smiled widely at the little girl.


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