Death's Children - Prologue

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A band of vampires, known as Death's Children, were walking around the streets at night, looking for some humans to feed on. Mia, one of Death's Children, was talking to Cleo, her friend.

"I'm really hungry now and we haven't found anyone to feed on yet." she complained.

"You could feed on me, if you really wanted to." Cleo said jokingly.

"But that'd just be weird!" replied Mia exasperatedly.

"I was only joking." said Cleo, slightly crestfallen.

"Hey, you two! We found a casino!" The new speaker was Mia's brother, Jordan.

"Coming, Jordy!" Mia called. Mia and Cleo ran towards the rest of the group, for they were very hungry. As people came out of the casino, Death's Children seduced them and led them into the little alley beside the casino. Once they had seduced enough people, Josh, their leader, said:

"It's feeding time!"

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