Short Story- Last Moments

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The prisoners had escaped. They were running amok throughout the ship, doing their best to not get caught, and to escape. Among these prisoners was a group of friends who had all been taken from the same planet. They were trying to stick together, and some of them had already been caught, or shot dead.

"In here!" One of the boys shouted.

"What is it?" Another, named Neirn asked. He was keeping a lookout down one of the corridors in case soldiers found them.

"Weapons cache!" The first replied. Neirn took one last look down the hall before turning around to have a look into the room full of weapons.

"All right, everybody take something! Even if you don't know how to use it, we still might need it. Or, if we're lucky, you might work out how to use it." He started handing out plasma rifles to everyone. He came to a girl that looked sad as she took the gun.

"I don't even know why your bothering to give me one of these Neirn."

"I know. Pray you never have to use it Marla, but it may be necessary." He held his own rifle in his hand, and with the other he caressed her cheek gently. She nodded, and slung it across her back. Neirn turned back to everyone, and with seeing everyone had a rifle, was about to say something when someone shouted.

"Soldier!" The hall that Neirn was watching before now had a lone soldier running down it.

However, upon closer inspection, it was loose fitting and they ran a little awkwardly, though fast. If it was a normal soldier, there would have been a lot more shouting and shooting. Neirn moved to the front of the group, facing the 'soldier'. They took off their helmet revealing a girl they all knew. Most sighed in relief.

"Kaylee, we thought you died!" Kaylee grinned crazily.

"Those soldiers couldn't hit me if they wanted to save their lives!" She laughed, and someone handed her a rifle. The one she had been carrying looked very beaten and battered.

"Why the soldier getup? We might have shot you." Neirn asked, concerned.

"Perfect disguise. I brained one of them with his own gun, and then stole his clothes too." Neirn shrugged, while Kaylee kept smiling. Marla tapped Neirn's shoulder. Footsteps could be heard, signalling the approach of more soldiers.

"Lets go guys! Time to get outta this hellhole!" Neirn led the group, with Marla close at his side. Kaylee was at the back of the group, watching for more soldiers. She left the helmet on the floor back at the cache.

They had been running through a few different hallways, making their way systematically through the ship, when the soldiers had finally caught up to them. They all ducked down their heads as soon as they heard the first gunshot. Some of them had even unslung their guns, and prepared to fire back. Kaylee was one of the first, eager to show her captors that she wasn't one to keep down. Neirn and Marla, however, were in the centre of the group. Neirn was looking for the best way out, while Marla was avoiding getting shot.

"Maybe we should actually look at a map?" Marla suggested, ducking her head once more. Neirn was frantically looking around, but he still answered.

"I did. I memorised it the best I could, ok? It's not like I could take it with me..." He muttered the last part to himself. Marla looked down, still having managed to hear him over the gunfire, due to how close she was to him. Neirn glanced at her. "I'm sorry." He flashed a smile at her, making her feel a little better, before spotting a ventilation hatch that had been bolted down. He made his way over, Marla following close behind. The sounds of soldiers and prisoners falling started growing in number as casualties were being taken.

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