Light and Dark Chapter 4: Out of the Destruction and Into the Dark

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(Gee these ones have really long names...!)

"RIKU!!! KAIRI!!!! SABER!!!!! KRYSTAL!!!!!!" Shouted a familiar voice from down the hill.

"SORA!" Saber shouted back. "WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!"

"Down here!" Sora was fighting the creatures as well, with a weird weapon. It looked like a giant key. When it hit the little creatures, they disappeared in a little burst of light.

"Where'd you get that strange sword?" Saber asked, as he made his way closer to Sora.

"No idea. Where'd you get yours?" Saber had a puzzled look on his face.

"I don't have one." He looked at the stick in his hand. Wait, it wasn't a stick any more.... It was a similar weapon to Sora's.

"How did I get this?"

"No idea, but I got one too." Sora brandished his key weapon for a moment, before returning to hitting the swarm coming after them.

"Did you see where Riku went? This is awfully weird. He disappeared in a pool of big black stuff. He said something about leaving, and the darkness, visiting new worlds. Speaking of, where's Krystal?" It was hard to talk and fight at the same time, so he said it in between each breath.

"She disappeared. I don't know how, but she did." He slashed out at the dark creatures as he spoke. They kept coming wave after wave. The boys were beginning to tire.

"Was it all dark, and did she say anything? What happened?" He was breathing hard now.

"She said something about promising things she could only dream about, and then she disappeared into this strange darkness." He gestured widely as he mentioned the darkness, but quickly had to go back to fighting.

"That's weird.... Wonder what she wanted." The ground began coming up from beneath them, physically being torn from underneath them, into a swirling black hole above them.

"We need to leave." Saber turned to Sora.


So they ran.

They slashed enemies as they went. They ran down the, off the hill and to the waterfall. Next to it, where the cave once was, was a door. Sora waved Saber over.

"Over here! There's a door here!"

"Well," he said with exaggerated caution, meant to mock, "then open it!"

"I don't know how, I think it's locked." He pushed on the door, seeing if it would open. He nearly fell over, as the door opened with ease. He held the door open for Saber, stopping the dark creatures from entering.

"Come on!" Saber ran through the door, and helped Sora close it against the impending mob of dark monsters pursuing them.

"That should stop those little things. What where they?" Sora slumped against the door, catching his breath.

"I don't know, they just started attacking me." Saber lent against the door with one arm.

"Yeah.... They started attacking me too." Sora said, after catching his breath. He stood up again.

"So where do you think we are? This is cool." He started walking slowly across the brightly lit, glass panel floor. He walked up to the steps, similar to the platform.

"I don't know. It's weird though. Gives me the creeps." Saber followed Sora up the steps. They walked up some steps, before Sora looked back. His eyes went past Saber, and rested on the platform behind them.

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