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The next morning I woke up with my head pounding. After the events on my front lawn last night, Liam and I had go back inside only to deal with my own overbearing parents. Well, mainly my mother. She got all shrieky and flustered, saying my father wouldn't let her interrupt us outside, and that Liam needed to leave if he was going to bring trouble or whatnot. I had eventually snapped after about five minutes and told her that if she wanted Liam to leave then I would leave too and she could go another three years without a word from me.

That shut her up pretty effectively.

My dad had left about an hour later with an awkwardly emotional hug to me and a clap on the back to Liam. It was good to see him again, but he seemed really...off. I feel like Shawn being in the chair really took a toll on him. Which is ludicrous, because it's taking a much bigger toll on Shawn himself, so my dad has no right to act like his own son is a burden.

I glanced to my right and saw Liam sprawled out beside me, mouth slightly open as he snored lightly. I chuckled at the sight, leaning over and gently pushing some of his hair back. He looked so peaceful, so calm. A sharp contrast to last night, which was painful to think about. He had been so distraught, so hurt by his father. Not to mention that for the past few months I've only really been focusing on why I went to Teller's that night, not even bothering to think about why he was there. I had never once asked him. And now that I know, I almost wish I didn't.

It broke my heart as I continued to rake my fingers through Liam's hair, thinking about him as a little boy, watching his father smack his mom around, or scream at him for just being a kid. No one showing him any sort of compassion or love. I have an image in my head of an adorable little brown eyed boy, cowering away from the monster in the suit and tie raising his hand. My own parents weren't always the best, but I was never afraid of them. 

My chest tightens as Liam subconsciously leans into my touch when I trail my fingers down his cheek, feeling the light stubble there. Everything he said to me last night, it was everything I had needed to hear. That someone saw the light in me that I didn't even believe I had left. 

I looked behind me at my alarm clock, seeing that it was eleven in the afternoon. I sighed, knowing that I needed to get up and see if anyone was home. Quietly as I could, I got out of the bed and tiptoed downstairs and into the kitchen, where I saw a note on the fridge.

Carter - I had to go to work but I'll be back by 5. Shawn is at school, the bus brings him back home around 3:30. You better be here when I get back, love you! xoxo - Mom

I sighed, putting the note back under the magnet on the fridge and pouring myself a glass of orange juice. I hopped up on the counter and thought about what I needed to do for the day.

You should go see Harry.

I bit my lip, thinking. My subconscious was right, I did need to go see Harry. Talk everything out, ask him what the hell happened to him when I left. I learned last night that I was being way too selfish lately, putting all my issues before everyone else's. My leaving had to have taken a toll on Harry, and he deserves to know that I do care about his well being.

Finishing up the orange juice, I placed the glass in the sink and bounded back upstairs, going into my room to see Liam still asleep. He was probably exhausted from the encounter with his father and all the staring at the ceiling he did last night. I managed to quietly grab some clothes and go into tge bathroom to brush my teeth and make my hair look semi presentable. I put on just a little bit of makeup so my face didn't look so splotchy, changing into jeans and hoody, throwing on a white beanie as well. 

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