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"Could you go a little faster Liam? We took your car for a reason."

"If we get pulled over - "

"The only two cops in town are looking for Anthony too! Now speed it up!"

"Oh for fuck's sake."

I cursed under my breath as I gripped the steering wheel tighter, pressing my foot all the way down on the accelerator. Carter and I were racing through town in my car, she had already called Bill and Tanya, the boys, and someone named Bee that I had never even heard of. 

Now in any other situation, I would have been pestering the hell out of Carter, asking her why she left, but I couldn't think about that right now. All I could think about was Anthony, on the side of Teller's Bridge. I know from experience, and so does Carter, that the side of that damn bridge is one of the most terrifying places on the planet. I just hope and pray he's still there, not having gone through with it yet.

"Wait, wait, stop here." Carter suddenly said, leaning forward in her seat as we approached the bridge.

"What? Why?" 

"Just do it Liam!" 

On her word, I screeched to a stop about ten yards away from where the bridge begins. She was unbuckling her seatbelt and jumping out of the car in a flash, and I was too stunned for a few seconds to even take the keys out of the ignition. 

"Damn it Carter." I mumbled, getting out as well. She was in a full on sprint down the bridge now and it took me a few seconds to catch up to her. I grabbed her elbow and spun her around to face me. "Carter, stop! Will you tell me what the hell is going through your head?"

"If he's still there and he hears your car, it'll freak him out!" She shouted, her eyes wide and slightly manic. "We've got to approach him ourselves, come on!"

With that she took off again, and I took a deep breath before going after her as well. She was faster than I expected, but she was also an insane girl on a mission. 

She came to a quick halt suddenly, me almost running into her. When I looked up to see what her problem was, my breath hitched. I'll be damned. There Anthony was, standing on the same godforsaken platform I had been standing on three or four months ago. 

He hadn't seen us yet, so that gave Carter and I about ten seconds to figure out what the hell to do. But as soon as I looked down at Carter, I realized this was going to be mostly on me. Her eyes were wide and bloodshot, her face white as a sheet. She looked like she had just seen a ghost, and she probably felt like she had. Anthony was, after all, in the same place I had been when she found me that night. 

I took another deep breath, as if that would give me some sliver of courage I definitely didn't have right now, and stepped past Carter and towards Anthony.

"Anthony." I called out, stepping towards the platform slowly. His head whipped towards me, eyes like saucers. "Hey man, why don't you come down from there."

"Go away!" He yelled at me, his voice hoarse. He was crying and fuck I didn't know how to handle this. "Just leave me alone, you've done enough!" He turned his back to me again, looking down at the river below.

"I just want to talk." I said calmly, my hands held up as I stepped even closer. "That's all I want to do, just talk."

"Why would I talk with you? Nobody ever listens to me!"

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