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"Carter just let me explain - "

"No, you shut the fuck up and listen to me Harry Styles." I cut him off, gripping my phone so tight I was afraid it would break. I was livid, absolutely livid. "A ring Harry? A ring?! I'm looking at a fucking diamond ring right now, an engagement ring, no less. Are you an idiot?!"

"I didn't think that - "

"You didn't think what? That I would have to run away and open the stupid fucking box up four years after you put it in there? Jesus Christ, Harry, we were seventeen when we made these boxes!"

"I'm aware!" He yelled back through the phone. "And I was a hundred percent certain I wanted to marry you, so I put it in the box!"

"Well that makes you an idiot! You can't propose to someone at seventeen!"

Harry sighed. "I wasn't proposing to you at seventeen, it was meant for later, for when you opened the box. I didn't expect any of this to happen."

"Well it's later now, and I don't see why the hell you...wait a minute. Is this...Holy shit Harry this is your great grandmother's ring!" 

I could feel the blood draining from my face as I took the time to really observe the diamond ring between my index finger and my thumb. Harry had shown me this ring thousands of times when we were little kids, saying it was for his future wife.

"Yep, the very one." Harry said calmly. "I always told you I would give it to the person I wanted to marry."

I was choking on words, struggling for air. "I...I can't even...oh my gosh Harry, you wanted to marry me? Why the hell would you want to do that?"

Harry laughed, and I could just imagine him throwing his arms up in the air and looking around as if he were talking to an idiot.

"Why do you think, Carter? Because I'm in love with you! And yes I know I used present tense just now, because that love never went away! It's been there since I was five years old, and it's always going to be there. So that ring holds just as much meaning now, as it did when I put it in the box."

I sank down to the floor, clutching the phone for dear life. This certainly wasn't a conversation I ever expected to have, let alone over the phone. What just happened to my perfect day? My perfect day with Liam, the perfectly cheesy and awkward guy that knew the real me?

"Harry..." I began. "This can't...I can't - "

"Yes, you can." He cut me off. "Carter you're repressing all the feelings you once had for me because you're afraid to think about the past." I said nothing. Mainly because I knew deep down he was right. "Okay don't think about Liam, or your little town you live in now, or our families, or anything. Just think about me. You and me. We were a team, remember? We were always there for each other, to pick up the pieces. We had so much fun, so many memories. Remember when we were twelve and you tried to run away from home? I ran ten blocks just to get you and bring you home. And on prom night, when I spilt drink all over my shirt so you purposefully spilt some on your dress so we could both be embarrassed together? We were two pieces that fit together perfectly, Carter. And we still can."

"No we can't." I choked out, tears streaming down my face. "We can't Harry, I'm not her anymore, I've changed."

"People don't change, Carter!" He shouted, making me jump. "They simply hide their true selves, that's exactly what you're doing now!"

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