“Well c’mon Brown Eyes, sit down over here.” Carter said to me while Niall talked to his old friend Louis.

I paused for a moment, looking at her in amusement before sitting down in the booth.

“Did you just call me Brown Eyes?”

Carter’s eyes shot open wide and she opened her mouth to respond. She was so cute when she was caught off guard, with her short messy hair and her apron tied around her waist. I just wanted to wrap my arms around her and never let go.

“I- no of course not- Dammit just tell me what you want to drink and eat.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her. She was so desperate to make it seem as though she didn’t care about anyone, trying to fool everyone into thinking she doesn’t have a nice bone in her body. But I see through that act she puts on. I bet she would go to the ends of the earth and back to help someone if they asked.

I managed to give her my order without embarrassing myself and she nodded her head before walking off towards the kitchen where I assumed my uncle was working. I watched the natural sway of her hips, her tight jeans making her curves even more prominent. She was so naturally sexy.

After taking just a few steps though, Carter turned around and looked over her shoulder. She didn’t look at me though, she looked at that guy that was so rude to her earlier. Zayn.

I glanced to my side and saw the prick wink at her. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. He was way too cocky for my liking.

“So,” Zayn or whatever his name is said, leaning over the back of his booth to look at me. “You know Carter?”

I chuckled haughtily.

“Well obviously, we were just having a conversation.”

“Hm.” He murmured. “I’ve never seen you around here before. And Louis and I come here a lot. We see Carter a lot too. Well, I see Carter more than he does.”

Is this jerk trying to tell me that he and Carter have something going on?

“You two dating?” Niall asked him suddenly, coming around to sit across from me.

The smirk on his face disappeared for a moment and I laughed in my head.

“No. Not yet at least. I’ve been working up to it.”

“Oh fuck off Zayn. Quit trying to play cool when we both know that Carter turns you down all the time.” His friend Louis added in.

I laughed loudly. I couldn’t help but be glad that Carter apparently turns him down a lot.

“Well then it seems as if I don’t have much competition.” I said in a firm voice to Zayn.

He looked at me with an eyebrow cocked.

You’re interested in Carter? Do you even know her?”

“Oh trust me mate, I know her a whole lot better than you think.” I bit back.

He just laughed at me, shaking his head.

“I really doubt that mate. I mean Carter and me, we…y’know…” He trailed off with a smirk, obviously implying something.

I’ve never wanted to punch someone so much.

“You what?” I asked, clenching my fists tightly.

I could hear Niall say my name to try and calm me down, but I was already too angry. I’ve never really had a good lid on my anger and this asshole was talking like he fucked Carter, as if she was a plaything. I was seeing red.

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