This is it. I thought to myself. I'm going to barge in there, find Liam, and tell him that I'm sorry for what I did, and that I'm utterly and completely in love with him. I can do this - I will do this.

I should be nervous. I should be freaking out. Yet all I can think about is how good it's going to feel when I see him, and when he wraps me up in his arms and forgives me and we have a good old fashioned cliche happily ever after. That's all I can focus on.

Taking a deep breath with a smile on my face, I bounded up the three steps to the large front doors and pulled them open. I blanched a bit when I entered the main portion of the building, the soft music and people in fancy gowns a sharp contrast to the storm outside and my soaked jeans and shirt. When the heavy doors shut behind me, the sound resonating across the room, everyone's eyes turned to face me.

The whispers followed shortly after, gasps and tuts coming from the older women hanging onto their husbands' wrists as they shake their heads and drink more champagne. It was sickening, just like the last time I was here with Liam. That feels like forever ago.

Not sparing any of these rich douchewads a second glance, I barged right into the crowd, knowing perfectly well that I was leaving puddles in my wake, my hair and clothes dripping. But I didn't care, I had something to do. Something that mattered, unlike this stupid gala or whatever. So what did a few rude glances mean in the grand scheme of things - nothing.

I scanned the crowd through all of the bowties and floor length gowns, looking for the pair of bright brown eyes that haunted my dreams.

And then...there he was.

He was talking to a group of three other men, a glass of champagne in his hand. He looked impeccable as always, clad in a black suit and tie, his hair styled up perfectly, just the right amount of stubble on his jawline. He had his free hand in his pants pocket, in a casual yet professional stance. He was speaking to the three men, holding their full attention. Whatever he was saying, he had their interest. That was, until one of the men saw me.

When the business man looked past Liam and saw me, the awkwardly standing drenched girl whom everyone had distanced themselves from, Liam followed suit. The second he saw me his eyes went wide, his mouth parting slightly. He looked my completely soaked body up and down, eyebrows furrowed. When his eyes met mine my heart stuttered, a meek smile taking over my face. He simply gulped, turning back to the men and excusing himself politely.

He began walking towards me with purpose, handing his glass of champagne to a waiter in the process, his eyes dark. I was confused. Shouldn't he be happy to see me? That's how this was supposed to go.

"Liam I - "

I wasn't able to finish as Liam grabbed my hand roughly and pulled me to the corner of the room, everyone instantly parting for us to pass. I did my best not to focus on how my skin felt like it was on fire at his touch. Once we were mostly away from the crowd, he turned to me with a raging expression.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He hissed, making me jump back in surprise.

"I-I had to see you Liam there's something I have to tell you. I'm in - "

"I don't care what you have to tell me!" He whisper-shouted, looking at me like I was a complete idiot. "This event is supposed to be sealing the deal on the biggest project of my career, and you come running in here soaking wet? What's wrong with you Carter, do you really not think before you do anything?"

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