The second Liam was out the door of The Blue Eagle, I all but collapsed into the booth I was standing next to. That had been so much to handle in such a short amount of time and my head was spinning.

He was here. He had actually been here, talking to me, breathing the same air as me. Infuriating me.

I clenched my fists as I thought over everything we had said to each other.

“My name is Liam. But you’ve probably gathered that already.”

“…Carter suits you.”

“Two people don’t just experience what we did and forget about each other!”

“I’m a nobody to everyone around me…”

“Your eyes – they’re exactly how I remember them.”

“Saving you that night is honestly what saved me the most.”

What did he mean by that last statement? Saving me, saved him? That makes no sense at all. Or am I missing something?

Oh God, here we go again with the never ending cycle of questions. First it was What’s his name? Is he still alive? Does he live around here? Now they’re much more complicated. But this time, I really doubt I will ever see him again.

Carter, suck it up. I thought to myself. You’re here, it happened, you met him and now you know his name. Now move on.

But how am I supposed to do that? Just move on? I saw him, I spoke with him, I looked into his eyes again. And this time we weren’t on the brink of death, which is a good thing. However I think I prefer him better when he’s depressed and angry, which is better than being nice and sentimental and all that shit. I would always rather someone scream in my face than be nice to me. Because I’ve done nothing to deserve anyone's compassion.

Shaking my head sadly, I got up and started to finish cleaning the tables. A few minutes passed and I heard Bill come out of the kitchen.

“Carter what do you have going on this evening?” He asked me.

I turned around and cocked an eyebrow at Bill.

“Oh Bill, I know better than to take up a proposal from a married man!” I exaggerated a stereotypical Southern accent and Bill rolled his eyes.

“Oh shut your trap Davis, I was just wondering if you had dinner plans. It’s lasagna night in the Cross household and we always have plenty.” He said with a kind smile.

See this is what I’m talking about. Bill is one of those people who is nice to me, and I should be appreciative but it just makes me uncomfortable because I don’t understand why. What have I done for him to be nice to me, to invite me into his home?

“Look Bill I appreciate it but –"

“Oh don’t give me any of that crap Carter.” He cut me off with a look. “I know that you’re probably going to go home and eat ramen noodles or something else cheap and tasteless.”

“Hey I like my ramen –"

“Just suck up your pride and accept an invitation to dinner. I know Tanya would be thrilled and you still haven't met my son Anthony.”

I pursed my lips and looked up at Bill in all his pepper haired glory. He was such a nice guy, even to people like me. I know he’s only being nice because he feels obligated to because I’m a loner, not because he actually cares. I mean, I’m not exactly the type of person people just care about.

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