The next morning when my annoying alarm clock woke me up, I stretched my arms out wide and inhaled deeply. As I let out the breath though, I found myself doing the strangest thing.

I smiled.

Last night when Liam explained to me that his dickhead father either towed his car or took it back to their home, then also explained that his phone died so he couldn't call Bill or Tanya to pick him up, I should have just offered him my phone to get in touch with them. But I didn't. Instead, I offered to let him crash on my couch because let's be real, I'm selfish and I wanted him to stick around after I had cried on his shoulder, kissed him, and told him I wanted him to be in my life more.

And no, nothing else happened between us physically. He was a perfect gentleman just like I expected. Because Liam damn Payne is so perfect it hurts. He simply accepted the blanket and pillow I offered him, and kissed me on the cheek before I disappeared into my own bedroom to ponder what the hell I was doing with my life. 

So now, at 7 o'clock in the morning with an hour to get to work for the breakfast and lunch crowd at The Blue Eagle, I found myself smiling knowing he was in the next room. 

I stood up and glanced in the mirror, noticing that the bags under my eyes didn't seem so prominent anymore. And my eyes weren't as dull looking. Are these some of the after-effects of being happy? If so, I'm not complaining.

I walked out of my bedroom and towards the kitchen to make some coffee, not bothering to change out of my sweats and tshirt that I slept in. I still had to take a shower anyways.

As soon I stepped into the living room though my ovaries basically fell out upon seeing Liam sprawled out on my couch in nothing but his boxars. Hot damn that boy has abs that could grate cheese. How is he even real?

Since he was asleep and I am a hormonal young woman, I just stared at him with my jaw dropped, not caring how creepy I was being. His body looked like it was sculpted by the gods, and oh sweet Jesus that v-line. I think I was literally drooling.

Finally tearing my eyes away from his body I managed to walk into the kitchen and turn on my coffee maker. I couldn't help but wonder if I should wake him up or something. I'm not really a breakfast person so it's not like I was planning on making him eggs and toast or some shit, that would be weird. Not to mention I don't even have eggs. Or bread.

Shrugging my shoulders I decided to just let him sleep. And if that meant I could stare at his almost naked body even more, so be it.

Once I finished my coffee and ogling, I went back into my room and took a quick shower, towel drying my hair and throwing on my typical skinny jeans and work shirt. As soon as I was about to walk back out though, I glanced at my vanity. A little extra makeup wouldn't hurt right? I had some time to spare and it would be nice to try and look a little better for Liam since he claims he's going to stick around. Taking a breath I decided to be bold and do a smoky eye and wing my eyeliner. That's the style now, right?

I figured I would go with it, seeing as it looked pretty decent when I was done. No harm, no foul, right?

When I stepped back into the living room I couldn't help but frown when I saw Liam's back to me, buttoning up the shirt he had worn last night. Did he really have to get dressed?

"Hey, you're up." I said in as cheerful of a voice as I could muster. I was smiley and all that good stuff, but it was still early.

Turning around, Liam beamed at me, looking me up and down. 

"Wow Cater you look...really good."

Don't blush, don't blush, don't blush.


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