As soon as Tanya got to The Blue Eagle and pulled me out of there so fast I was only barely able to kiss Carter on the cheek, she immediately starting with the interrogation.

"What happened at the gala? Did your father swing first? What did he say? Why didn't you come to our house? Why was Carter there? Does she -"

"Tanya, Tanya, slow down." I interrupted her as we both got into her vehicle. She sighed and started up the engine.

"I just don't understand what is happening. I know better than most that your father is an ass, but for this to go so far that it hits the newspaper?" She looked at me skeptically, awaiting an explanation.

As Tanya began to drive, I told her mostly everything concerning yesterday night. About needing a date for the gala, what my father said to us, and then lastly about me punching him and what he said to me as Carter and I were leaving.

"Oh Liam honey I know you can't control your anger very well, but -"

"But nothing Aunt Tanya." I cut her off harshly. "I don't give a damn if he's my father, I wasn't going to let him say those things about Carter."

My aunt sighed as she pulled into the lot of my apartment building. I looked around, confused.

"Why did you bring me here?"

"Because you need to get your stuff, and your father is at work. You said he wants you out of your home, you have to stay somewhere and you can't very well do that without your things."

I didn't respond. She was right though, of course she was right. My dad wants me out, so I'm out. Because as everyone knows, what my dad says - goes.

We both got out of the car and stepped into my familiar apartment building. I rolled my eyes at all the rich people eyeing me and Tanya. I'm sure they all knew exactly what went down at the gala, and of course the scandal about my aunt several years ago is always an exciting topic for them. 

Tanya and I silently boarded the elevator and started the ascent to the top floor, where my mother, my father, and myself live. Our penthouse is so fucking over the top it sickens me. 

I could tell Tanya was nervous. She hadn't been here in years, having been away from this rich life environment I so despise, just as she once did. 

Once the elevator dinged, the two of us stepped out and into my family's home. It was quiet.

"Mum?" I called out. "Mum are you home?"

I heard my mother before I saw her, her heels clicking on the tile floor. Typical mom, dressed to perfection all the time. 

"Liam honey thank God you're home, I -"

My mom cut herself off when she saw my aunt. I looked between them, shuffling my feet. Several years ago my mother and aunt used to be best friends. Obviously though when my father told Tanya never to come around again, it strained their friendship because my mother didn't even defend her against my father.

"Hello Libby." Tanya said with a forced smile. "You look amazing, as always."

"Tanya." My mother breathed out, stepping forward to hug her. "Oh my goodness it's so good to see you. It's been years."

"Uh mum, dad's not here is he?" I interrupted, scratching the back of my head. I really just wanted to get the hell out of here.

"No, no, he's at work." My mom replied, looking at me with glazed over eyes. Fuck I hope she doesn't cry.

"Okay good. I uh, I came to get some of my stuff."

"Oh Liam honey, your father didn't mean what he said to you, you know how he gets sometimes. I can try to talk to him, I -"

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