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After an awkward goodbye on the phone with Zayn, I managed to drag myself out of bed and take a shower, changing into some jeans and a plain green sweater. Liam still hadn't made an appearance, so I assumed he was downstairs. Why he would go down there and face my mum without me, I don't know.

I bounded down the steps quickly once I was ready, almost tripping and falling on my face in the process. I checked the kitchen first, but nobody was in there, just a half eaten plate of breakfast that I gladly took for myself. 

"Mum? Shawn?" I called out with a bite of toast in my mouth. 

"I'm in here! Hey that's not fair, you cheater!" 

I heard Shawn's voice coming from the den, and when I walked in the room, I saw him and Liam sitting on the couch playing a video game. FIFA, if I were to guess. I leaned up against the doorframe and looked on as my brother and...semi-sorta-maybe-possibly-someday-soon-if-I-ever-get-brave-and-if-he-ever-asks-me boyfriend shouted at each other over the game. Finally, Shawn got a point and threw his hands up in the air while Liam slouched over in defeat.

"Woo! Yeah! In your face!" Shawn yelled, putting his hands on the wheels of his chair and doing a 'victory lap' around the room. "Oh hey Carter." He said with a grin when he spotted me.

Liam's head popped up at my name and he grinned at me, making my heart leap out of my chest. Damn that boy's smile.

"Hey kiddo." I said to Shawn, walking up to him and ruffling his hair like I used to. He just pushed my hand away and scowled at me. "Morning." I smiled at Liam.

"Good morning love." He replied, standing up and kissing me on the cheek. I tried not to blush and failed.

"So uh, where's mum?" I asked Shawn.

"She had to go to work."

"On a Sunday?"

Shawn nodded. 

"She said to tell you bye though, and that you're having dinner with your dad tonight." Liam told me, and I looked up at him inquisitively.

"You talked to my mum this morning?" I asked.

Liam sighed, rolling his eyes. "More like she talked at me instead of to me, but yeah."

I just nodded at that, turning to Shawn. "Well kiddo, anything you want to do today? Besides beat Liam in FIFA, of course."

"Hey, he's really good!" Liam defended himself.

"Can we go to the park?" Shawn asked, looking up at me pleadingly.

"The one down the street?" 

He nodded vigorously.

"Yeah sure." I said with a smile, even though I was kind of freaking out inside. It used to be no big deal to take Shawn to the park, but that was before he was in a wheelchair. What if I do something wrong?

"Sweet." He said, wheeling off somewhere to get ready I assumed. I watched him leave, sighing.

"Hey, you've got a great brother." Liam said, touching my arm to get my attention. I turned to him and smiled, noting how good he looked. 

"Yeah he's one of a kind." I murmured. "I just can't believe he's...confined like that. He doesn't deserve it."

"You're right, he doesn't. But he's having to deal with it nonetheless, so he needs to keep his spirits up. You're his sister, you know him better than anyone. Don't treat him any differently, and he won't see himself that way either." 

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