“Bill, table 4 is still waiting on their burger!”

“Well they can wait a bit longer!”

“Carter can you refill the family at table 6 for me please?”

“What? Hell no, those kids are a nightmare!”

“Miss we have been waiting for our food for twenty minutes –“

“I’m sorry ma’am, we’re a bit busy right now if you couldn’t tell, now –“


“Dammit Bill I can only be nice to customers for so long!”

Ah, the typical sounds of lunch hour at The Blue Eagle. It was a Sunday which meant the usual church crowd. Emma and I were the only waitresses working at the moment, Amy and our other reserve waitress had both called in and said they couldn’t make it.

Emma, Bill, and I continued to rush back and forth throughout the restaurant, dealing with snotty kids and rude customers, yelling at Bill to hurry up with the food, etc. But it was so routine for me now I didn’t even mind.

Finally the crowd started to thin out and I leaned back against the counter with Emma, both of us sweating slightly.

“I hate Sunday lunch hour.” Emma said bluntly.

“I hate you.

“Oh shutup Carter you do not.”

I chuckled, glancing sideways at Emma. I wouldn’t say we are friends, but we get along fairly well.

“Whatever, did you hear that woman at table 6 yell at me earlier?”

Emma burst out laughing, pointing at me.

“Dude I thought you were going to punch her in the face or something!”

I laughed too. Emma wasn’t far from the truth though, I don’t handle it well when customers get pissy with me.

We continued to chat a bit, stopping the conversation every few minutes or so to serve someone or clean off a table when someone left. The usual.

As I refilled some of the saltshakers, I couldn’t help but think about Liam. It’s been 3 days since the day we officially met and I saw him at Bill’s house, since I finally learned his name. And if I thought he was on my mind a lot before, it was nothing compared to how much I thought about him now.

I wonder what he’s doing right now. Is he playing football? Is he with his family? Is he working? Is he okay?

A part of me has been expecting and hoping that he would just waltz into the restaurant and we would have another row, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m tempted to ask Bill what he’s up to, but that would look suspicious and I can’t have anyone thinking I actually like another human being. I have a reputation to keep.

I heard the bell above the entrance door open behind me, but I assumed Emma would take care of whatever customers were wandering in. I leaned over the table to reach for another salt shaker when I heard a familiar voice.

“Carter, baby, I think you’re trying to kill me with those jeans!”

I froze, a smirk covering my face. I stood up slowly and turned around, putting my hand on my hip to face the owner of the smooth sexy voice.

“Oh Zayn. If I wanted to kill you, you would be dead.” I said bluntly, grinning slyly.

The tan skinned boy in front of me put his hand over his heart dramatically.

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