This isn’t happening. 

This must be a dream.

Or a nightmare, I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

I was just thinking how I wanted to see his eyes again and now that I am, I want to scream.

I’m suddenly back on that damn bridge, plummeting into the freezing waters below, when someone reaches out, when he reaches out to save me.

And as I look into my rescuer’s eyes right now, after two months, I feel like I’m falling all over again.

As I would have expected, if I had seen this coming whatsoever, he looks just as shocked as I presume I do at this point.

His eyes were wide, mouth slightly agape. He was dressed really nice for some reason, with black slacks and a white button up on, a black tie hanging loosely around his neck. His hair was styled up nicely, slightly longer than the night of The Incident.

And suddenly, my skinny jeans and Blue Eagle tshirt with my red waist apron felt really disgusting. Not to mention my virtually makeup free face from where I had been sweating in the kitchen. Lovely.

“I…you…” He spluttered out, not being able to form a coherent sentence.

Meanwhile I just stood and stared like a mute.

“Do you two know each other?” Amy’s annoying voice rang out, making me jump and tear my eyes away from his.

I looked back and forth between Amy and Bill, who were eyeing me curiously while he – Liam, I know now – continued to stare at me in shock.

Turning to Amy, I opened my mouth to respond, but no words came out. She looked at me expectantly.

Well you see your boyfriend here tried to kill himself but I talked him out of it, then I slipped and almost died but he saved me and then I ran away and haven’t seen him since.

“No.” Liam answered her firmly.

Or there’s that.

He finally looked away from me and turned to face Amy again, his brow furrowed.

“No we’ve never met, I just, uh, I thought she was someone from school.” He chuckled awkwardly as he lied, glancing back at me for a split second. His cheeks were tinted red.

I looked down at my feet, shuffling. This couldn’t possibly be happening.

Amy laughed obnoxiously, wrapping her claw like hands around Liam’s arm. It took every ounce of my will power not to scoff in disgust, but I managed to bite my tongue.

“Oh Liam, Carter doesn’t go to school, she’s-”

“Actually,” I hissed, finally finding my voice, “I do go to school Amy, I take online classes. But I can’t say the same for you. Maybe you’re so ill from morning sickness, with all your…extracurricular activities.” I spat.

Amy’s eyes went wide at my harsh words, glazing over immediately. The space between us grew thick, and I think even the last two customers were staring now.

Oh shit.

The look on her face told me that what I had said as a rude insult was actually an accurate statement.

Amy really was pregnant, that’s why she was sick.

“Shit Amy, I didn’t-”

“Oh screw you!” She shrieked at me, turning on her heel and storming out dramatically.

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