This could not be happening.

Running into him not only once, but twice in one day? By pure chance nonetheless! The Universe either really hates me, or has a really good sense of humor.

I stormed back into the living room where Anthony looked up at me with a wide grin. He looked like a lost puppy.

“Oh hey you’re back, I need help with this question about derivatives, I –“

Anthony cut himself short and I noticed that he was looking past me, over my shoulder. I rolled my eyes, refusing to turn around and look at him even though I really wanted to.

“Hey Anthony, how are you doing mate?” I heard him ask.

I blanched for a moment before remembering that Liam is related to the Cross family. Of course he knew Anthony.

“Uh, I’m doing good Liam. Haven’t seen you in a while.” The teen replied warily. “Do you –“

“Anthony who was at the door – oh Liam!”

Tanya came into the room then and basically had a spaz attack the second she saw Liam, running over to him and wrapping her arms around his neck. I finally forced myself to turn around and look at him and couldn’t help but chuckle at Liam’s helpless expression. Tanya was clinging to him for dear life, and he was hugging her back awkwardly. What was the big deal? He’s her nephew it’s not like she’s never seen him before.

“Hey Aunt Tanya.” He said in a strangled voice as she squeezed him even tighter.

“Oh Liam it’s been months, why haven’t you stopped by?” She finally released him, looking at him expectantly.

Liam glanced over his aunt’s shoulder at me, his cheeks tinted red as if he were embarrassed.

“Uh, you know how Dad can be.” He said barely above a whisper, I was just able to catch it.

His dad? Isn’t that Tanya’s brother?

“Oh.” Tanya replied simply, forcing a smile on her face. “Yes, I know quite well how your father can be. But nonetheless you’re here now! Oh I’m sorry, have you met Carter?”

I felt the blood drain from my face as Tanya took Liam’s arm and pulled him towards me.

“A-Actually Tanya we’ve met.” I stuttered out, forcing a smile on my face. “Today, we met today.” I added hastily.

“Oh okay good! No awkward introductions then.”

Oh Tanya if only you knew how awkward this is going to be regardless…

“Tanya love, who was that at the – Liam!” Bill shouted, coming into the room as well and walking over to wrap Liam in a bear hug.

I rolled my eyes and looked back at Anthony, who mirrored my expression as if to say, How many times are we going to go through this?

While Liam and Bill conversed, I walked back over to the couch and sat down with Anthony, crossing my arms and huffing. I can’t find this guy for two months, and now he shows up right in front of me twice in one day.

“So you know Liam?” Anthony asked quietly, so the other three wouldn’t hear.

I turned to look at him and made a face.

“Yeah, I know him.” I said simply.

Anthony nodded and pursed his lips. A few seconds passed.

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