"Carter can you take these plates to table 10 please?" My coworker Emma asked me, handing me two full dishes before I could even answer her.

I scoffed, taking the plates.

"Well sure Em, why not?" I bit at her sarcastically. "Hey where are you going?" I shoulted back as she started speedwalking towards the toilets.

Emma turned to face me with a worried expression, walking backwards.

"Amy's throwing up in the bathroom, I've gotta go help her. Sorry babe!" She turned back on her heel and disappeared into the toilets.

I rolled my eyes and started to make my way to serve table 10.

Sure, Amy was "sick". More like massively hungover if I were to guess. That girl was a bitch. Just because she has super rich parents who give her everything, gorgeous long black hair, perfect tits, and a thigh gap the size of the Grand Canyon, she thinks she can treat everyone like shit. Whatever.

I got to table 10 and put on my best fake smile for the sweet elderly couple that greeted me by name.

The restaurant I work at is a quiet place, with good portions and even better prices. We have our regulars, most of us watiresses get along (excluding Amy of course), and my boss Bill gives us good hours and doesn't pitch a fit if we're a few minutes late.

All in all, the Blue Eagle is a great place to work at.

Yeah, don't ask me to explain the name. Bill is super nice, but he's a little crazy too.

I made my way behind the register, furrowing my brow as I leaned against the counter in thought.

Wait, what gives me the right to call Bill crazy when I am most assuredly insane myself? After all, it's only been two months since what I have deemed "The Incident". I haven't tried to kill myself since then, but I do think about it. Boy, do I think about it.

Everywhere I go, I think these horribly morbid thoughts.

Oh I bet if I stepped in front of that car it would kill me.

I could hang myself with that twine I saw on sale in Walmart.

Hey that road leads to Teller's Bridge, I could try that again.

But I haven't. Tried to kill myself again, that is. I did go back to Teller's Bridge every night for about a week after The Incident though. I don't know why. Maybe I thought I would finally get the guts to do it. Or maybe I went because those dark waters are so terrifying I thought they might convince me to get my shit together and stop thinking about dying.

Oh who am I kidding. I know exactly why I went back to that bridge all those times in the freezing cold.

It's because of him.

I can't get him out of my head! I think about that brown eyed boy more than I think about killing myself, and that's saying something.

What made him want to kill himself?

Why Teller's Bridge?

Does he have a girlfriend?

Is he in school?

Why did he save me?

And most importantly,

What is his name?

I've thought up a multitude of potential names for my mystery savior, but none ever seem right.

Paul? Zack? Jason? Ethan? Jacob?

None fit my idea of the brown eyed boy.

I should really stop daydreaming about this complete and total stranger's life.

I mean, yeah, we saved each other's lives and I will never forget him or that night for the rest of whatever measly life I decide to live, but that's no big deal.


It's not like I will ever even see him again. Kingsville is a fairly average sized town and I know most of the people here, so if I haven't seen him around here before by now I doubt I will just run into him on the street or something like that.

And even if I did, he either wouldn't recognize me, or I would run away so quickly he wouldn't have a chance to recognize me.

I shook my head and took a deep breath, standing up straight to survey the restaurant.

It was a pretty slow day, just a few regulars. After all, it was only 6:30 on a Thursday afternoon. Nothing exciting ever really happens on Thursday afternoons.

I heard the door to the toilets open and out comes Emma, supporting the weight of a very sickly looking Amy.

"Hey you need help?" I asked Emma, eyeing Amy.

Emma sighed and shook her head no, easing Amy down into a vacant booth where the sickly girl immediately groaned and placed her head in her hands.

I chuckled and leaned across the counter to smirk in Amy's direction.

"And this is a prime example of why you shouldn't go partying all night and get totally trashed, knowing you have to work the next day." I said in a teasing, matter-of-fact tone.

Emma and I both laughed, but immediately cut ourselves off when Amy snapped her head up to glare at me.

"Shut the fuck up Carter, you don't know a damn thing." She hissed.

I was taken aback, Amy had never looked so furious. I could tell that Emma was surprised too. Amy and I always bitched at each other, what was her problem this time?

"Whatever, just leave me alone." Amy finally muttered after an awkward silence.

I didn't respond, just stared at Amy for a moment. Something was legitimately wrong with her.

"Is someone coming to pick her up?" I whispered to Emma.

"Yeah she told me to text her neighbor. I think he's also her boyfriend or something like that."

"Oh, good." I replied. "What's his name? I might know him."

"Liam." Emma said, turning to face me. "Liam Payne."

I thought for a moment.

Liam Payne.

"Nope. Never heard of him."

"When is he going to be here?" Amy groaned, holding her stomach.

I swear if she throws up on the floor and I have to clean it up I will slap a bitch.

"I just called Liam for you sweetie, he said he's only about a minute away." Our boss Bill said as he stepped out of the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel.

Bill caught my eye and noticed my confused expression.

"He's my nephew, on my wife's side." He explained with a smile.

"Oh." I said in understanding.

So this Liam guy is Amy's neighbor and possible boyfriend, and Bill's nephew? And I've never met him? Weird.

Amy made another groaning sound and I rolled my eyes. Yes she's obviously sick, but must she dramatize it?

The answer is no.

"Carter doll, you mind counting up the register money for me while I close up the kitchen?"

"But Bill!" I whined, turning to him with my best pouty face. "You know I hate counting up money, I-"

Bill held up his large hand to stop me, and I snapped my mouth shut.

"No buts Carter. I know it was supposed to be Amy's night. but she's sick and Emma did it last night. So please? For me?"

I glared at Bill for a moment, his expression pleading. I could probably still talk my way out of it, but I had a soft spot for the old coot. Well he isn't that old, but still.

"Ugh, fine!" I eventually conceded, smiling when Bill beamed at me.

"Thanks sweetcheeks." Bill said, giving me one of his famous bearhugs.

"Oh get off me you brute." I grumbled, even though I didn't really mind.

Once Bill let me go and told us he was heading back to the kitchen, I was left by myself at the register. Emma had already left to go pick up her little brother from daycare, and I was on guard in case the last patrons - the elderly couple at table 10 - needed anything else. And of course Amy was ignoring the world while clutching her stomach in pain.

Thus I was left alone to my thoughts, and they led back to the same thing they always do.

I wish he had dropped me.

What if he's killed himself since that night?

If I overdosed, how long would it take for someone to find my body?

The list went on and one as I counted up the register money, thinking about dying, and thinking about him.

The image of his perfect brown eyes floated through my mind. Just from our short encounter, I knew that Mystery Boy had a deep and dark past behind those gorgeous eyes.

I would give anything in the world, anything at all, to see those eyes just one more time.

That damn boy is so stuck in my brain, and I hate him for it. For God's sake I'm daydreaming about his eyes, longing to see them again even if just for a second.

However, that will never happen. I will never see him again, and I will never get to ask him any of my questions. I am permanently stuck in a never ending state of curiosity.

Most importantly though, I'll never see those eyes again. And for some reason I don't quite understand, that really hurts.

I shook my head to rid myself of thoughts of him, choosing instead to just clear my mind and count the register money, not thinking about anything or anyone.

A little time passed of me just mindlessly counting the money. In the back of my mind, I heard the bell ring, signifying that someone had come in. I didn't look up.

I think Amy was talking to someone, but I couldn't be bothered to look up, I would lose count of the money. The restaurant was closed anyway, so it must be her neighbor or boyfriend or whoever he is defined as that came to pick her up.

Suddenly though, I was startled when Bill came busting out of the kitchen shouting, "Liam my boy!"

I rolled my eyes, still not looking up. This guy's arrival and Amy's dramatic moans and groans were distracting me and I really didn't want to start counting all over.

"Carter I want you to meet Liam! Liam this girl is a riot, so funny I tell ya." I heard Bill say in my direction.

"" I muttered, counting out the last few bills.

I exhaled in relief, smiling when I threw down the last dollar.

"Alright, what is it you-"

I stopped short, the smile immediately falling from my face.

It couldn't be.

There's no way.

"It's you." He breathed out.

My brown eyed savior, whom I thought I would never see again, was standing right in front of me.

And I had nowhere to run.

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