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"Woah Caro, this car is fucking amazing" Nadia said tossing the keys towards me.

It's been three hours since Nadia is dragging me with her from one shop to another. According to her I should be the most wonderful bride in history. I know she is crazy.

We have bought so many beautiful dresses which I know dad would have never allowed me to wear but she literally forced or rather threatened me to buy it so I did. We bought quite a few things and she has made a big, big wishlist in her head which we will be buying later, as we were short of money today. You know dad never gives me any.

The whole drive she was blabbering about how amazing this car is and that how lucky I am which I agree to her. I am too lucky, not because I have this car but, because I have Aaron now.

She stopped at the entrance and we jumped out. Picking up all the shopping bags we moved inside only to be greeted by the one person whom I really didn't want to confront.

"Where do you get that thing from?" Lahaiana asked in her usual angry tone. She was pointing towards the car Aaron got me. I had thought she would have been at the office at this time but unfortunately...

"You didn't go to the office?" I asked her, with a small smile. I didn't wanted to talk about Aaron to her so I tried to change the topic.

"No, I didn't. So what can you do. You better mind your own fucking business" she glared, pointing her index finger at me.

Nadia stepped in front of me. Oh my knight without shinning armor!

"Exactly bitch, mind your own fucking business" Nadia replied with a sugary voice.

"Stay out of this Nadia Hayden!" She shouted on her and then turned to me again "and I asked you a question. Answer me"

I don't like it when she talks to me like that, but today the fury in her eyes was visible. It was like if given a chance she would kill me without a second thought and that thought made me shiver.

I opened my mouth to answer but Nadia stopped me.

"She is not answering you Lahaina, bitch! And don't you fucking dare to raise your voice at me, I can be the worst person you know and I assure you, you don't want to see that side of me. And about that car, well, Aaron Woodwords gave it to Caro. Yup! The same Aaron Woodwords who rejected you!" Nadia raised her voice with every sentence she spoke.

I was shocked to see her like that, I mean I know she can be bad but believe me it's the first time I've seen her like this. I looked at Lahaiana and she had the same shocked expression on her face.

"Well... Nadia why don't you come to my room" I held Nadia's hand and started pulling her upstairs to my room. I don't want these two to get in any further arguments, and I know Lahaina well, she can destroy Nadia's career if she wants, after all she has a bit power too.

"You will regret this conversation" Lahaina shouted from behind. Not sure for whom it was I ignored her and pulled Nadia with me but she freed her hand and turned towards her. God, her and her short temper!

"Maybe. Anyway I wanted to ask you something. Should I?" She asked in a normal tone to which I frowned. Something is up.

Lahaina just stood staring at her so she continued.

"So, dear Lahaina, will you please bless Caro with your presence at her wedding as the bride's maid?" She said it in the exact same tone as Lahaina said it before.

I couldn't help but chuckle at this. Mental note: never be on Nadia's bad side.

She turned and this time pulled me with her to my room. Placing the bags near the bed we chatted, laughed and had a great time until Dylan called me.

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