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****AARON'S POV****

"I want you to dig into his records and come back to me in 15 minutes" I ordered my PA Carter with a little fury. A few days ago I was informed of someone leaking important information to a different firm and today Melissa finally tracked down that traitor.

I hate it when people play with me or disobey me and that bastard is gonna regret it badly.

I got up from my comfortable chair to look at the beautiful view outside. The New York skyline. As I looked down at the busy street with cars stuck in traffic it reminded me of an angelic face. The same face that has evaded my sleeps at night.

I was brought out of my thoughts by a knock on the door. "Come in" I said in
an authoritative tone.

"Sir, here it is" Carter entered my office after precisely 12 minutes and handed me two files.

"His name is Jason Walter, works as an accountant in our London branch. He is forty three, with a dead wife and 3 children, one girl and two boys to be precise."

"I'm not planning on kidnapping his family, Carter. Just tell me what's needed" I glared him with a face devoid of any expressions.

"The manager of that branch says he was not aware of Walter's passing confidential information to that firm. Thought it's hard to believe him. We checked his and Jason's bank accounts and 50 thousand dollars have been transferred in each of them by an unknown source. I've already talked to Mellisa on this and she is working to find the person behind this" Carter explained.

I looked at those files for one more time before throwing them carelessly on my desk while Carter stood there silently waiting for my next order. He is very efficient and hardworking. Perfect in his work, just what I need. Perfection.

"Call Mark and tell him to get the jet ready. I'll be leaving tonight". Carter quickly took out his cell and called my pilot. I picked up my coat and walked out with my PA following me. I stopped near my secretary's desk and ordered her to arrange my schedule again for the next week.

As I was heading towards the building's exit, I noticed a group of men and women talking and laughing. I stopped in my tracks and went to stand beside the man who was telling a pathetic joke.

"I didn't know I was paying you all for cracking jokes during work hours" I said or more like snapped. The moment they noticed me, all of them jump out of their seats.

"Sir, we... we were just...." the man started to say but trailed off.

"We're sorry Mr. Woodwords" one of the woman said with a puppy dog face.

"Carter" I said and he came to stand beside me "I want their resignations the first thing tomorrow morning" I said looking at the woman in front of me whose expressions changed from apologetic to shock.

One of the man opened his mouth to say something but Carter interrupted "No need to say more. You all are already fired and Mr. Woodwords doesn't really changes the decisions he makes".

This is why he is my PA.

I went out directly to my favorite sports car and sat on the driving seat and sped off. I love cars and driving helps me calm my temper. I was really furious, no one denies my word or dare to speak against me and that little piece of shit betrayed me. I do need to control my anger before I order Carter to destroy that fucking Walter.

I was driving past the trees and parks when someone caught my eye. All my fury drained out by just looking at her sitting on the bench, so peacefully.

I parked my car in the parking area and went to sit beside Caroline. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even realize my presence. She is the only girl that ever captured my mind like this. I'm not used to going after women, they come to me, throwing themselves at me. But her... There is something in her that makes me want to know her more.

The first time I saw her outside the jewelry shop I decided I wanted her but seeing her damage my favorite car filled me with rage. This girl even had the audacity to throw money on my god damn face. I never expected this, I was so shocked at that moment I failed to read her license plate. That day I planned to destroy her. Destroy everything she loves. I ordered Mellisa, my PI, to find her out but they couldn't. After all, I didn't have anything with me except her beautiful face in my memory.

Just the next day, I saw her again at the Jenkin's. I realized she is the daughter of my dad's so called good for nothing asshole of a best friend, James Marshall. I thought of her to be a rich brat but she proved me wrong when she apologized for her behavior of the previous day. It was nothing made up but truth, visible in her eyes, and I forgave her that instant. Since then, I've been craving her. I want her so badly but there is something in her that forces me not to treat her like my other conquests, maybe her innocence.

I asked her or rather ordered her to go on a date with me yesterday, one thing I never really planned to do ever. I thought maybe after knowing her a bit I wouldn't be interested in her but she proved me wrong yet again.

Now I want her more than I wanted any woman before. Every time I'm about to make a move I stop, looking at her innocent face. Even yesterday I was about to kiss her but I don't know why the fuck I didn't.

"Is there any possible way you are thinking of me?" I finally said.

I talked to her a bit more and even told her about me going out of the country. I don't even know why.

I left as my phone buzzed with dad's number. What does he want now? He never calls me without any reason. I talked to him sitting back in my car and can sense that there was something fishy. There is definitely something going on, I am getting negative vibes. I'll have to go talk to him to know but before that I'll have to go to my penthouse for a cold shower.

For fuck sake Aaron, you were just bloody talking to her.


Hey, lovelies...
I know this chapter doesn't take the story ahead but it is also important to show Aaron's side of the story. Hope it didn't bore you.

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