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Hey guys! I've been away from wattpad and everything for a while now (well, it was more than a while) anyway...

You all have been asking me to post Nadia's and Dylan's book since ages. So here it is. The prologue of the book.

Hope you like it.

The car sped along the totally vacant highway, cutting the deadly silence by the melodious music coming from the stereo. The couple sitting inside the newly purchased Ford talked over the music about the place they were headed to.

"How much more?" The woman with honey-blond hair asked her husband.

"Almost there" the man turned his head away from the road, to look at his beautiful wife, and gave her a sly smile.

She rolled her eyes and pressed her lips together, "you said the same 15 minutes ago. Do you even know the correct location of wherever you're taking us?"

"Of course, honey" he winked at her.

Mrs Creed looked at her wristwatch for the umpteenth time and sighed in defeat. It was their little princess' first birthday in a couple of hours and instead of resting a bit, before the start of the most awaited day of the year for them, they were driving on a deserted road. All thanks to Mr Creed and his surprise.

She twisted a bit in her seat to get a view of her little girl, Amelia, who was buckled up carefully at the back seat. She was in deep sleep, her head lolled to a side with the movement of the car. The girl had honey-blond hair, just like her mother, that was swept back using a flowery headband.

Mrs Creed turned off the stereo, not wanting to wake her daughter up from her sweet slumber. The only sound left now was that of the car's engine. She looked at Mr Creed again, "Lia is so adorable. I can't believe she is going to be one so soon".

Mr Creed smiled looking at their bundle of joy sleeping peacefully, through the rearview mirror.

The Creeds were happy, talking and planning on how they were going to celebrate their daughter's birthday oblivious to the threat that was following them. Or following their car, to be precise.

"She is going to love this surprise," Mr Creed said driving on the not so vacant highway now.

"I would love it too if only you'll tell me about this surprise thing. You've been driving for an hour now, and we're on a road surrounded by forest and cliffs on either side. Where are you taking us exactly?" The annoyance in his wife's tone could be noticed effortlessly.

"When Lia grows up, I'll tell how her father spoiled her first birthday" Mrs Creed continued.

She really wanted to know more about this big surprise thing by her husband. A few hours ago when he came and told her that he had a surprise planned for their daughter's birthday, Mrs Creed was elated but now, after an hour of sitting inside a car, viewing trees after trees pass by them and not knowing where they were headed to, made her lose her patience.

"Calm down, hon..."

A car zoomed past theirs, made a screeching noise and came to a halt at a short distance. Mr Creed pushed the breaks quickly to prevent the collision. Their car skidded a little and stopped just a metre away from the other one. Mr Creed took a deep breath whereas Mrs Creed turned around to look at Amelia. She was safe and still sleeping.

"What the fuck!" Mr Creed cried. He was breathing heavily, anticipating what could have happened if he didn't push the breaks at the right time.

No cussing was allowed near Amelia, awake or asleep, but for the first time, Mrs Creed let go of it. She stared furiously at the car standing in front of theirs. They could have killed her husband and daughter.

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