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"This is my best friend, Ethan Woodwords" my dad said introducing the old man "Aaron's father" he added.

"Now I think I should leave, I will have to talk to my son about the deal" Ethan said and left from there.

As soon as he left dad ignored me like I don't exist and left. In front of others he makes it look like he loves me so much but I truly don't know what I did to earn so much hatred.

I sighed and went to my room, there were many questions revolving in mind. What was Aaron's father doing here? And Lahaina? Are Aaron and Lahaina already dating? But there is nothing in the media and even Lahaina didn't flaunt of it.

"Eeehhh" Ignoring it all I changed into my night wear and slept peacefully that night.

I got up in the morning by the ringing of my phone. I picked up the phone and checked the caller id before answering. I didn't want a repeat of that day when Mr. Woodwords called. It was Nadia.

"Hey Nad" I said cheerfully. Why was I so cheerful? I know, because I am meeting Dylan again today.

"Wow! You sound quite happy. What is it?" Nadia chuckled.

"I met Dylan last night".

"The stupidest creature who is unfortunately your cousin?" She said. These are my words when I told about Dylan to her.

"Yeah. I'm meeting him at Harper's, wanna join?" I asked.

"Ok. As it is I was planning to take a leave from office, that is why I called" She said in almost a whisper.

"Why? Is something wrong there?" I asked worried.

"No. Nothing significant. I'll tell you later"

"Then, be there in an hour" I said and she hung up.

I got out of bed, took a relaxing, warm shower and changed into a pair of leggings and a loose top. I tied my hair in a simple pony tail and picking up my phone and bag went downstairs.

I planned on taking the day off but if dad, Juliea or Lahaina saw me they won't let me or will ask millions of questions. I tip toed to the breakfast table and sighed seeing they already left.

I called Laci to tell her I won't be coming today. Then I quickly hailed a cab and went to the cafe. Dylan was already sitting there and looked really pissed off.

"What happened?" I chuckled and sat opposite to him.

"At first you called me at a place like this" he said looking around disgustingly "Then you were late and didn't even pick my calls".

"Hey, I didn't get any calls and don't show me this Richie rich side of yours. You know I hate it" I said pointing my index finger to him.

"Whatever" he said rolling his eyes. Just then Nadia came and sat on the chair between me and Dylan. She was a little shocked seeing him first but then calmed down, even Dylan stared at her for a while.

"Dylan, this is Nadia my knight in shinning armor" I said and all the three of us laughed.

The breakfast went on all fine but I can easily make out that Dylan and Nadia were quite uncomfortable.  I will definitely talk to her about that. My phone started to ring, I checked it and it was Laci.

"Yes Laci" I said as soon as I picked up the call.

"Caroline, your dad wants you here now!" She ordered in a hurry.

"But why? I took a day off"

"Listen, Mr. Woodwords will be here anytime and Mr. Marshall wants the files you were working on yesterday". I just forgot about that. How can I be so careless? I ended the call and excused myself from Dylan and Nadia.

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