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I stood there rooted to the ground as Aaron moved his lips on mine, my heart beat was racing as he tightened his grip around my waist and drew me closer to him, if that was even possible.

At first the kiss was simple and sweet but then it turned promising and passionate as Aaron explored my mouth.

After god knows how long, he stopped and looked at me, I maintained my gaze on the ground, blushing hard.

"You look damn cute when you blush" Aaron said and chuckled, holding my chin with his fore finger and thumb making me look into his eyes.

"I promise you won't regret this decision" he said, his face turning serious.

"I know" I whispered, my face turning red.

We sat on the couch as Aaron discussed about the arrangements and stuffs related to our wedding. I didn't say anything and just listened or more like drooled over him.

He is really very handsome, I had heard Lahaina and Nadia talk about his looks but now I realise he is much more than what they say. Everything around him shouts perfection. How can someone so good looking choose me?

"Loving the view, eh?" He said teasingly, bringing me out of my la la land.

I quickly diverted my gaze to which he laughed deeply. Oh, how much I love to hear him laugh!

"Why are we discussing it now? I mean... we still have time till marriage. Right?" I asked him, trying to change the topic.

"We're getting married in a month!" He stated and I looked at him shocked, my mouth wide open.

"But, don't you think that's too soon?" I asked him and he just smiled.

"I want you to be mine as soon as possible, sweetheart" he said pecking my nose.

We talked for some more time before Aaron offered to drop me  off back home. I didn't realize but it was already past midnight.

Reaching my house, we got out of the car. I smiled at Aaron and turned to leave when he caught my arm and pecked on my lips.

"Miss me" he smiled and I went inside.

Next morning I got up with a bright smile plastered on my lips. It was just yesterday I was pacifying myself not to cry anymore and today I am grinning like an idiot.

I got ready for office and went down for breakfast. Jane told me that everyone had already left with dad. I quickly took a slice of bread and ran out to catch a cab.

As I was about to enter dad's building, I spotted a brand new red lamborghini parked just next to the entrance. It had a huge red ribbon on it and my hands itched to go and touch it once but I refrained myself from doing so. If I even got a scratch on it the owner will definately sue me and I won't look good in a prisoner's attire. Will I?

I chuckled at my own thoughts and went inside. Drowning myself in work, I completely forgot about everything. It was when my phone buzzed I realised I missed my lunch.

"Hello?" I said without checking the caller id.

"I'm sorry I couldn't take your call yesterday, I was busy" Nadia apologised.

"No leave it. I can understand you don't have time for me now, I know you don't love me" I said dramatically, suppressing my laughter.

"You're such a bitch! I skipped my work for four god damn days for you and now you're doing this! If I wouldn't have worked like crazy and finished it all yesterday, my boss would have fired me!" She started to shout at the end and I burst out laughing.

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