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"Sign these papers and get the hell out of here" he yelled, throwing the divorce papers near her.

"You can't do this to me! You can't just leave me for that slut! For money!!!" she shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Don't you dare call her that. Get out!" He came towards her, furiously, and slapped her, making her fall to the ground.

"Ok" she sighed in defeat. "I'll sign them but, please let me take Caro with me. Please. I won't be able to live without my daughter", she pleaded.

"Then die!", he barked, dragging her out of the house, with all the hate he could muster. "You deserve it, bitch. Now don't you ever show me this filthy face of yours again or else I will make your daughter's life a living hell!"

"No please! Please don't harm her. Pl-", with that he slammed the door shut, and started walking towards my room.

"Dad. I...I am s...sorry" I said stuttering with fear.

Fights between my mom and dad wasn't something unusual. Fights happened daily. Dad comes home drunk and starts beating mom up. Mom would lock me inside my bedroom everyday, before he came home, to save me from his temper.

Today, mom learnt that dad was cheating on her and decided to confront him, but instead dad handed her divorce papers. I heard everything while being locked away in my bedroom.

Mom was the one who always saved me from dad's beatings but, now what? Mom was gone. I kept thinking, how far my dad will go now that she's gone.

The fear had me frozen in place, "P..please f..forgive me. D...don't hurt me", I begged.


"Go and get me some wine!", he growled, and pushed me out of the room.

I dragged my feet towards the kitchen, with tears flowing down my cheeks. Taking the wine from the refrigerator, I poured it in a glass.

"What's taking you so long? Are you manufacturing the wine!" came his angry voice.

I hurriedly picked up the glass and went towards the fire place, where my dad was sitting, smiling smugly as if to show how proud he is of what happened today.

Taking the glass from my hand, he took his first sip. "Not this one, you useless girl!" he shouted and threw the glass towards me.

I dodged it carefully but lost my balance and fell on the ground, with all the broken glass pieces piercing into the skin of my legs. Blood started to flow from the fresh wounds, on the carpet.

"Great! Now you spoil my carpet. Clean all this before I return or else be ready to face the consequences" he threatened, walking towards the door.

Hot tears fell from my eyes, but it wasn't because of my wounds, but because of the fact that my own father could treat me like this.

Mom, where are you? I asked silently.


The next morning, I woke up to find myself in the same position from last night, on top of the carpet surrounded by broken glass.

Oh no! He asked me to clear this mess!

I quickly got up, despite my legs which protested in pain. I decided to clean myself up first, sorting up the blood clots that formed and removing the glass pieces from my skin.

It took me an hour to clean up the mess. I started heading towards my room when I heard the front door open. I expected to see my dad but what I wasn't expecting was to see my dad with another woman standing beside him.

"Caroline! Caroline! Where the hell are you?!" He shouted.

I walked towards the entrance so he could see me. He turned towards the woman, who was wearing a white gown and had a veil over her head.

"Juliea, this is Caroline, the disgrace I told you about" he gave me a disgusted look and turned towards her again, "and Caroline, this is Juliea, my wife".

Hearing his words, I was shocked, too shocked for words so I kept a blank face. What on earth was going on, because just last night my mother was thrown out and now he has a wife!

Juliea came towards me, with a malicious smile on her lips, "Hello Caroline, I'm your mom now"

"No, you are not!" I shouted, without thinking.

"Speak politely to your mom, Caroline!" my father, or should I say James, told me.

"She is not my mom" I said with anger boosting me, "you threw her out. She is n..."


"She is your mom from now!" he spat while the woman standing beside him smirked.

My life was hell!
Mom, where are you?
Please come back.


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