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**** AARON'S POV ****

*********A week earlier***********
After a long cold shower that helped me calm myself I decided it was time to pay dad a visit. I put on a casual black V neck T shirt and my blue denims. Taking my car keys and sunglasses I walked out of the penthouse.

While driving, all my thoughts were about just one person. Caroline. I will definately have to do something about it. I spend too much time just thinking of her, her face, her beauty, her pretty eyes. I can't let someone take control over me that way. But thinking about her gives me peace, an unwanted, unknowing, unusual peace.

I stopped the car outside dad's mansion and went in. My father lives here alone, after mom's death he excluded himself from the rest of the world. He never liked this place but mom did and he lives here now because it has memories.

I took out my phone from my pocket and dialed his number, he picked up after the second ring.

"Where are you?" I asked curtly. We don't have a normal father son relationship. After mom's death he changed and so did our relationship.

"In my office. Why?" He replied.

"You called me" I stated, rolling my eyes.

"Ohh, you came. Well come in the office" he said and I ended the call.

I moved towards his office with steady steps, there was definately something going on with him. I can sense it easily.

I opened the door to his office and saw him sitting on his chair behind a large desk, reading some papers. Just as he saw me coming he stood up with a smile that reached his eyes and motioned towards the set of couches on the right corner.

"Sit son" he said as he poured champagne in two glasses.

My suspicion grew seeing him, he doesn't bother me much, the last time I talked to him was 2 months back when he forced me to find a bride and settle down, but today he is smiling even more. Something is wrong. Very wrong.

I moved towards the couches and sat there picking up my glass and sipping it a bit. He came and sat down on another couch on my right, looking at me, as if judging my mood.

"What?" I said irritated when he didn't say anything.

"Well, son if you remember the last time we spoke was when I asked you to find a daughter in law for me..."

"And I said I don't want to marry, at least not yet" I completed his statement.

"Yeah, so, did you find one?" He asked hopefully.

"I told you that before and I'm saying it again...." he cut me off.

"So it's a no" He asked raising his brows.

"Like hell it is" I said.

He got up from his place and went near his table to pick up a file. He opened it and flipped a few pages before coming back and placing it on the table in front of me.

"Since you know, your mother is already dead and god knows how long I'm going to live, so I want you to get married as soon as possible and make some grandchildren for me"

"And?" I said because I knew it didn't end yet.

"I have found the girl for you".

I chuckled listening to him. He really thinks he'll ask me to marry any girl and I will? Never.

"I don't think I cracked a joke, did I son?"

"Of course you did. When I say I won't marry now, I won't and you can't do anything, father" I said in an amused tone.

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