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What should I do now? Should I go with him to dinner or make an excuse of being sick or something? I was really irritated with myself now for the last 30 minutes.I was just pacing my room and try to figure my way out but my mind was blocked.

I don't know why, I do want to go but if dad or Lahaina or Juliea got to know about me going out with Mr. Woodwords, they will bury me alive, deep down insidethe earth, and the way Mr. Woodwords ordered me to dinner I don't think he will believe me if I make an excuse.

I need help. I need expert advice. Only one person can help me now. I dug  out my phone from my bag and dialed Nadia's number.

"You bitch! Don't even dare to call me ever again!" She shouted as she picked up the call. Her voice was so loud that I had to move the phone away from my ear, still able to hear her.

"Calm down girl! I'm sorry. Again" I tried to hide the amusement in my voice but failed.

"You think it's funny? That bloody brother of yours.... eehhhh he's sick. He needs a doctor. A psychiatric. That man is sick. That. Man. Is. Sick." she yelled.

"I know. I'm sorry on his behalf. You can tell me whatever he did and I will make sure he regrets every single bit" I laughed. No matter how sad or how much of a problem I am in, Nadia never fails to cheer me up, knowingly or just by chance. "But that will be later, I need help right now" I added.

"Okay, I forgive you. Say what you want to say" she said in a much calmer tone.

"Actually, I met Mr. Woodwords again today. I was waiting for the bus and he came there out of nowhere and offered to drop me off athome. I reluctantly agreed but then when I was about to get in my house he asked me to dinner..."

"What? You're telling me Aaron Woodwords asked you to have dinner with him! A date with him! Tell me you said yes. Pleaseeeee....." she literally pleaded at the end.

"Yeah... sort of"

"I'm so happy for you Caro. I want all the details of your date with Mr. Hunk" she cried out of happiness. I know she's jumping right now. This girl is crazy yet the best.

"That's not all Nadia. Listen, last night Aaron's father and dad were talking something about Aaron and Lahaina and some deal. I think... it's just my thought, maybe I am wrong but maybe.. just maybe..."

"No suspense Caro. Bark"

"Maybe... I'm not sure....maybe they both were talking of their marriage" I said it finally.

"What?! Why do you think so?" She was back to her yelling self.

"I said I can be wrong. I thought it because dad and Lahaina already were after Mr. Woodwords, then I came to know his and my father are friends, then they were talking so mysteriously. And even if they were not talking of their marriage or something it's still that Lahaina wants to marry him. She is trying so hard to get close to him. If she got to know about tomorrow then I'm dead" I said it all in one breath.

"Caro... Why did you say yes to dinner when this was the case? It's all so fucked up" I can clearly say by her voice that she too had gone insane listening all this.

"I didn't say yes. It's just 'he didn't ask'" I tried to say it in his voice, though failed miserably.

"What are you saying. At first, you say you said yes,then you're saying you didn't say yes, now you're saying he didn't ask, you've gone nuts. You need rest sweetheart"

"No. I need help Nadia. Just tell me should I go with him?" I sighed.

"Obviously. If the wealthiest and hottest man has himself asked you on a date, then go. And if your family asks you anything just say it's my birthday and I have invited you to the party. If they say anything more, give me a call, I will handle those morons easily" Nadia said in a heavy voice then laughed.

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