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"Ready" I declared coming out of my room, wearing a cream colored dress that reached a little below my knees.

Aaron was already waiting for me, dressed in a white t-shirt, denim jeans and a casual sky blue coat, looking handsome as ever. He was watching me intently when I went and stood in front of him.

"What?" I asked with my eye brows raised in question, when he didn't say anything and just kept on staring, with a frown on his perfect face.

"You know, it should be a crime for someone to look that beautiful" he pulled me towards him, by my arm.

"That is so cheesy Aaron. Never expected something like that from you" I made a fake hurt look, but then ended up laughing.

He was about to say something but I took his hand and pulled him along. Actually tried to pull him along but he was too heavy for me to even make him move an inch.

I looked at his face, after my little struggle and he was grinning, amused by the act. I left his hand with a jerk and started to move out, him following me, chuckling.

We were on the top floor of the hotel, the only room on this floor was ours. The designing of the place was wonderful, much more luxurious than the usual once.

As we moved down, a butler came towards us, handing a bunch of keys to Aaron and speaking in Italian to him.

Aaron took the keys and started walking out, holding my hand in his, towards the white sports car that was waiting at the entrance.

"You never settle for anything but the best huh?" I nudged his arm as he opened the door for me to get in.

"Never" he whispered in my ear, making me turn pink.

He too sat in and drove through the beautiful streets of Milan, while I looked around in awe of the beautiful structures and buildings, the cool breeze fanning my face as he increased the speed.

I didn't know where he was taking me to, and I didn't even bother to ask him about it. Wherever we'll go it doesn't matter, as long as he's with me.

I looked at my right, at the man who has definitely changed my life. Though not completely, but he has changed it, whether he knows it or not. After all the things that I have went through I lost the hope for any change. I used to think happiness wasn't for me. I remember Nadia's words that things change and that situations get better, but I never believed her, I never believed I could ever be free, ever be away from my abusive family. Now I do. Just because of this man. Aaron Woodwords.

"Caroline" Aaron called my name in a sing song way, making me come out of my thoughts.

"Hmm" I hummed, realising he was no more drive and waiting for me to get down.

I quickly came out and stood beside him. He shook his head, then went inside a shop. It was a beautiful place, the exterior completely made of glass, making it look amazing.

A man, along with two women following him came to us with a nice smile on all their faces.

"Come posso aiutarti a Signore? (How may I help you, sir)" The man spoke to Aaron.

"Mostra alcuni dei migliori vestiti per la signora qui(show  me some of the finest dresses for the lady here)" Aaron replied back speaking in fluent Italian, while I stood there like a dumb not understanding even a word. 

The man nodded to whatever Aaron said and a woman standing behind him came towards me, watching me intently from head to toe.

"Sono Liliac. Hai un corpo meraviglioso, renderai giustizia ai miei vestiti. Seguimi" she said, then turned around and started moving.

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