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"Get up!" I heard someone say.

Opening my eyes I saw Lahaina standing in front of me with an irritated expression. I looked around, I was not in my room, I slept on the floor? Yeah, probably I did. Then last night's events flashed before my eyes, dad's yelling, Juliea pushing me and my crying session after that

"What a useless human you are!" She said.

I stood up to my full height. Lahaina is 2 inches taller than me. With her blonde hair, blue eyes and a model like figure she is every man's dream. She is extremely beautiful and confident while me, I have just learned not to call myself ugly anymore.

I was about to leave, ignoring her, when she stopped me with her next words

"We will be going to a party tonight, so come early from that small little cafe of yours"

"You are going to a party?" I asked.

"Are you hard of hearing? I said we. W.E. We. Me, you, mom and dad " she said in an irritated tone.

When was the last time I went to any party along with them. They never take me along. Dad says I am a disgrace and he doesn't want to be seen with a daughter like me. Then why today?

"Even me? Why?" I inquired.

"Don't be so happy. We are taking you with us only because an old friend of dad, who will be working with us now, wants to meet both of his daughters" Lahaina said disgusted while saying both.

Why does she hate me so much? And why does she always treat me like I am a trash? He is my dad, my real dad,not her's, then why does she behave like she owns everything?

"Ok" I sighed.

"Don't forget the jewelry today. I have someone to impress" she said in a dreamy voice

"New boyfriend?" I asked. Every month she has a new one.


"Then who?"

"At the party tonight, there's gonna be someone who a multi billionaire, the most eligible bachelor and the hottest man alive in this universe. And the best part, dad wants me to lure him in my web because if he marries me, our company will be on the top and I'll be the luckiest girl on this planet" she said jumping with excitement.

What more can I expect of her? She can marry someone for just money. And dad? He wants her to do it for money. Is money that important to survive?

"Who is that someone" I asked uninterested.

"Aaron Woodwords!"

Seriously?! I have heard of him as the most cruel, ruthless, merciless and arrogant businessman. But then he is ridiculously rich and Lahaina will happily throw herself at him.

"Oh" was all I said.

"Just oh! Have you ever seen him?" She asked, kinda surprised.

"No, but I have heard of him" I said as a matter of fact.

"You really are useless. He looks like a Greek god!" She said throwing her hands in the air.

"Whatever. I have to go to work now" I said and went to my room.

I directly went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. After that I dressed in a grey T-shirt and black jeans. Putting a bit of mascara and concealer to hide my dark circles, I picked up my bag and left for the cafe.


My cab stopped out of the cafe. After what happened yesterday I was not allowed to drive any of dad's cars.

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