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**** Caroline's POV ****

"How about this one, Caro?" Nadia asked turning around for the umpteenth time now, showing her dress to me.

"I still think the first one was the best" I sighed, shaking my head from left to right.

"Even I think the same Ms Hayden" I heard the owner of the shop say.

"Really? Well, just one more is left okay? I promise it will be the last one" she said and ran back inside the changing room.

I rested my head on the bed stand and closed my eyes as they started to pain because of staring at the laptop screen for too long.

It's been 4 days since we came back from Milan. The whole week had been a complete bliss, I and Aaron together where I was away from my family, no restrictions, nothing to fear off, nothing to worry or be sad and more importantly a week where I didn't felt unwanted.

The next day to when we came back to New York, Aaron announced about our relationship in media. It took all the newspaper and news channel by storm resulting in me being locked up in my house.

Aaron had strictly instructed me not to move out of the house as he didn't wanted me to get in any sort of trouble and I had obediently agreed to him.

It was just yesterday when I asked Nadia to be my maid of honour, and she is going crazy after that.

For 3 hours now I am sitting in front of my laptop waiting for her to finally finalise her dress for the wedding. She had already tried almost 20 of them and was still confuse about it. 'I want to look my best at your wedding Caro. After all I'm getting the opportunity to be your maid of honour!' She had said whenever I asked her to choose something fast.

"How's this?" I heard Nadia's voice and quickly opened my eyes turning my head back to the screen.

It was a bright green, ankle length dress, with a bit of sparkles all over and a slit in the skirt area, making it look horrible.

"If you buy that one, I'm not gonna allow you at my wedding. I swear" I said pointing my index finger on the screen.

"Is it that bad? I think you are right. I'll take the first one only" she smiled idiotically.

"Finally. Because I was about to doze off" I sighed while she made a puppy face making me chuckle.

"Ok then. It's done. I'll buy that one and do shopping for you and meet you at your place in maybe 2 hours" she said and finally ended the video call.

I folded the laptop and placed it on the bed side table, then pulled the covers over my eyes, not wanting to allow even the slightest trace of light to enter.

Aaron is taking care of all the arrangements for our wedding and Nadia is taking care of shopping while I am just sitting in my room trying to think of something productive to do.

I wanted to go out to have some fresh air but I didn't wanted to grab attention of the all the people who are very keen to know about 'the woman who is going to be the great billionaire's bride' and neither did I wanted to hear Lahaiana and Juliea taunt me about how bad of a wife I'm gonna be for Aaron.

I closed my eyes still thinking of something better to do and drifted off to sleep.

"Get up bitch!" Someone shouted in my ear, pulling off the covers from my face making me sit upright on the bed.

"Here I am walking for the entire day under the blazing sun shopping for you and you are sleeping peacefully on your bed!" Nadia shouted again, throwing all the shopping bags on me.

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