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I never though I'll have to inform separately about the copyright of my book. Seeing books with a copyright page I used to think 'why do they even need this' 'not that someone will really copy' or like 'why will anyone want to copy someone else's work'. But this world is full of surprises. So I'm writing this page too.

THIS IS MY BOOK! I have all the copyrights of it and no one, I repeat, no one has the right to steal my work!

You want to publish your book out there... why don't you use your own brain rather than just doing copy and paste and taking all the credits.

And if you think the writers won't get to know about it, then I must tell you, you're wrong. Because there are people out their who know and understand the pain and hardwork we do!

Plagiarism won't be tolerated at all!
If anyone finds someone copying 'my' book 'again', on wattpad or any other website, please inform me, so that I can go and have a sweet talk with them.

This is really very disappointing. I had to put my studies on hold and do this. Wow! Appreciations!


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