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**** CAROLINE'S POV ****

"Hey Dylan, I won't be coming to the party tonight," I told him on the phone.

Today is the charity ball and I was so happy that I will be meeting Aaron after an entire week, but yesterday Lahaina heard me talking to Nadia about it and then complained to dad like a small kid.

"Why cupcake?" He asked concerned.

"Well, dad got to know of it and said I can't" I lied. He just didn't say I can't, he warned me not to dare step out of his house and when I said I have to, he slapped me and literally pushed me out of his room.

"Oh. Okay," Dylan said and quickly cut the call.

What has happened to him? Every time I take dad's name in front of him he goes berserk and today he didn't say anything. Must be busy at work, I thought.

I sat down at the edge of my bed. It was the last time I was going to meet Aaron, I want to go, I have to, he asked me to come. But if I go after dad's warning he will lock me up in my room. A tear escaped my eye unknowingly. What am I going to do?

After exactly 10 minutes there was a knock on my door, I wiped my tear and opened the door. It was Jane, my housekeeper.

"Sir has sent me to say that you can go to the ball with Daiven" she said mispronouncing Dylan's name.

"He has?" I asked her shocked to which she nodded and left.

This is unreal. Dad agreed with me going to the ball! I closed the door and jumped around my room. I was behaving like a teenager who was going to meet her crush after a long time. But I can't help it, I am going to meet Aaron, may it be the last time, but I am happy as hell.

Just then my phone rang, without seeing the caller I picked it up "Cupcake, I'll pick you up at 8. Be ready" Dylan said from the other end.

How the hell he knows that dad finally allowed me to... wait.. he did it!

"What did you do?" I asked him suspiciously.

"Nothing sweetheart," he said sweetly.

"Don't lie brother, I know you must have made dad agree. What did you say to him?"

"I don't talk to shits like him, sweety, I asked my assistant to do it and he did. Now be a good girl and be ready at 8" he said and ended the call.
Oh, I love Dylan.

I smiled thinking about tonight. How can a person make you so happy even without their presence? Just a thought of him and I smile. I felt jitters in my stomach just thinking of meeting Aaron tonight.

I quickly went to take a warm, long shower. After my bath I stood in front of the mirror and did my makeup. I want to look beautiful, for him. When I was done I took out the beautiful red dress that Dylan sent me the other day. It was a simple yet elegant dress that fit me perfectly.

The door bell rang at 8 and I ran downstairs to open the door for my stupid cousin. My family had already gone so there won't be any arguments among him and dad.

Dylan was wearing a navy blue tux, his hairs gelled back and a toothy grin plastered on his stupid face. "Cupcake, you look beautiful" he said and I ignored him intentionally and sat in his car after locking the entrance door. He came in too and we drove off.

The ball was even more grand than I imagined it to be, the place was totally surrounded by reporters and media who wanted to get inside but were not allowed to. I placed my hand in the crook of Dylan's arm and went inside the beautiful place. My heart started to beat faster thinking I'm going to meet Aaron again.

The party was in full swing, people talking in groups, couples dancing and many men and women standing near the bar. I looked around to search for the one man because of whom I came here.

A waiter passed by and Dylan handed me a drink, he then took me to a group of men and women and introduced them to me. Some were his business associates and others who work in his company. I was not much interested in their talks and looked around the place. There I saw dad and Juliea standing at a corner and talking to Aaron's dad and a man who has his arms wrapped around Lahaina's waist. The man's back was turned towards me so I couldn't see his face but he looked familiar. Too familiar. Then he turned as another man approached them and my world stopped.

Aaron was with my family, with his arms around Lahaina and she was leaning into him. He didn't look uncomfortable, rather it looked he was happy with her. A pang of jealousy hit me as I stood there numb.

Dylan must have felt me stiffen because he whispered slowly in my ear "you okay". I just looked at him and gave him a small fake smile.

Then Aaron saw me, he looked at me staring at him but diverted his gaze after a few seconds. After some time he whispered something in Lahaina's ear to which she smiled and nodded giving her hand in his large ones. He took her with him to the dance floor and they started to dance, he looked at me one more time before turning around and dancing with her. I felt ignored, betrayed.

He was the one because of whom I came here, he was the one who asked me to come and now he is doing this to me. Tears welled up my eyes but I controlled myself not wanting to cry in a party and not wanting to show him how much it affected me.

"I pity him" I heard Dylan's voice. I turned to face him and realized he was also looking at them. I gave him a confused look and he chuckled.

"That Aaron Woodwords" he said gesturing towards Aaron "with your gold digger sister. Nice couple" he said sarcastically.

I didn't say anything and just looked at them dancing and smiling.

"Well, I know him because of our business and looks like he found his match" Dylan laughed and my heart pained more.

Then he again turned to talk to his friends while I just stood there staring at the duo. Lahaina was literally pushing herself into him and doing her dirty dance. Aaron didn't look at me for once as if completely forgetting I was here and that he was the one who requested I attend.

After a few minutes Dylan asked me for dance and I denied with a straight face. He knew something was wrong but I was in no state to talk. I just wanted to go back home, to curl up in a ball and cry my heart out.

"Caro, you're not fine. What is it? If you want we can leave" Dylan said in a concerned tone.

"Yes please" I answered finally.

I looked at Aaron for the last time and what I saw broke my heart into a million pieces. They were kissing. Lahaina and Aaron kissed! They were standing so close, too close to even let air escape between their bodies. I felt like I would cry at that instant but I didn't.

Turning towards Dylan I walked out with him pacifying myself by thinking it was bound to happen. But it wasn't working. I want to cry but not yet.

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