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****JAMES' POV****

She shouted at me, that bitch shouted at me! The nerve of her. I wanted to go to her and drag her out of this building by her hair but I refrained myself from doing so as it will not be good for what I wanted to talk to her about.

"Don't talk to your father in that tone" I replied back with anger filled in my voice.

I know she is just too stupid, she will automatically regret her words the next instant. So called fucking good hearted people.

"Sorry" she whispered.

"Aaron did come to talk about the marriage but..." I said shaking my head.

I thought back to that day, I was so happy when he declared he'll be marrying Lahaina. I thought our plan succeeded and that Lahaina will marry him and then we will live our luxurious life, Aaron being my money machine.

But I should have guessed it before, that man is far more clever than his father. Ethan was an easy fish. I met him at his wife's funeral and befriended him instantly, knowing about his reputation, but his son...


"Dad, Aaron is here!" Lahaina declared, jumping.

"Don't be too excited, he is no where like his father" I warned her.

"Just wait for the marriage and then I'll show him who I really am" Lahaina said with a smirk.

Just then Aaron entered our place with another man following him.

"What made us so lucky to have you at our place Mr. Woodwords?" I asked him smiling and guiding us all to a set of sofas.

Lahaina sat next to him, I agree she is a bit clingy, poor guy, he'll have to bear her all his life.

Even I don't like Lahaina but I had to wear that mask of loving her because I married her mother and considering she owns half of her company I don't want to upset her. Do I? And Lahaina is definately my key to success. Like today, Aaron marries her and I live peacefully with his money.

"You know very well what you've done" Aaron replied curtly.

"I don't think so" I said trying to play innocent. He stared at me for some time, this man hates me too much but he can't run away from me now. Can he? I smiled at that thought.

"Then hear it out, I'm here because I want to marry your daughter" he said irritated, definately not liking this conversation.

I acted to be shocked at first but then hugged Lahaina "Oh god! I'm so happy for youLahaina!" I cried.

Just then, there was some noise, we turned our heads to see Caroline standing on the stairs, she looked at us for some time then turned to leave. She really is a disgrace.

"So where were we?" Lahaina said and stared at Aaron with a huge bitchy smile on her face.

"I was saying, I'll marry your daughter-"

I cut him off "Oh yeah an-" Now it was his turn to snub me.

"But not this one" Aaron said giving a disgusted look to Lahaina. She stared back at him with wide eyes and I was too shock to do anything.

"The other one" he completed his sentence, looking at me right in the eye.

What? What does that mean? I sat there with my mouth open not able to understand what he actually meant.

"Carter give him the papers" Aaron said to the man sitting on his right.

He searched for something in his bag then took out a file, the same file which Ethan and I made for this agreement.

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