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**** Aaron's POV ****

Caroline messaged me in the morning the place where VanAssche has called us to meet him, it's a 5 star hotel which I had visited quite a few times, God knows what he wants there. I hate being told what to do.

Just if that man was not my Caroline's cousin, I would have showed him his real place.

Yesterday when I called him and he introduced himself as Caroline's boyfriend, I was filled with fury. The rage that I felt for him at that time is something I can never explain. If he had said that if front of me then I would have been accused of murder charges up till now.

Anyway, so here I am standing outside her house, waiting for her to show her pretty face. When she messaged me I had called her and offered to pick her up on my way as dad wants to meet her too, though I didn't mention any such thing about my father to her.

Dad didn't react much when he got to know about the change in contracts, maybe he knew I'd do something like that, after all I'd never bow down to anyone. He said he just wanted me to get married and it doesn't matter to him if it was Lahaina or anyone else of my choice. Yeah, crazy enough.

It's been 3 minutess now that I'm standing here, I mentally patted my back for having this much patience for the first time in my life. I took out my phone from my coat pocket and dialed Caroline's number, as I didn't wanted to go in that house.

No meeting, all assholes in a single day!

I was about to swipe my screen that'll call Caroline when I saw someone I didn't wanted to see.

"Mr. Woodwords!!" Lahaina waved as she came towards me. God! She still hopes to get me?!

"Where's Caroline?" I asked her as she stopped in front of me. Her face dropped hearing me talk about Caroline.

"I still don't get what you find so interesting in her. I mean she's gullible, stupid and looks like a frog. And then there is me, I am much better than her, I can make you feel wonderful Aaron, I can show y-"

"Don't" I snapped as she forwarded her hand to touch me. She got startled by my voice and looked at me as if I have lost my mind, which I will if she didn't go from here soon.

"Come on Lahaina, don't tell me you're short of men coming after you. This world is full of idiots, isn't there any rich man who is offering you his wealth? No one? What's happening to the world? How come everyone got brains all of a sudden?" I said with a fake laugh in the end.

"I have many of them. But no one is like you, no one has the charm you have. You are superior to all of them and I want you, not them" she said stepping closer, batting her eye lashes.

"I'm flattered" I rolled my eyes.

"Think it over, Aaron. You will regret choosing her over me. She can never match me, never be as good as me". She really doesn't know how to take hints. Does she?

"Lahaina, why don't you just take that filthy face of yours and dump it in some sort of junk-yard and even take your not so good attitude along, wait, did I mention about your useless ego" I said with a straight face. The thing that left me in shock was, she still stood there and didn't go not even after hearing all this.

Just then I saw Caroline coming out of her house and closing the door behind her.

"You're insulting me!" Lahaina stomped her foot on the ground.

So she realised it! Finally!

"I'm not insulting you Lahaina, I was just describing you" I smiled as Caroline walked closer to where I was standing.

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