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I'm drowning! Save me! I'm drowning! It's a tsunami!

I sat up and opened my eyes with a jerk, looking around I realized I was still in my room, on my bed. No tsunami?

"Get up sleepy head" I heard a girl's voice say to me. I turned my head towards the voice and it was a familiar face. Oh I know her, it's Nadia.

She was standing with an empty glass in her hand, I touched my face, it was wet. My bed sheet and clothes were drenched. She threw water on me!

"You'll be late!" She shouted, pulling me out of my bed.

I'll be late? Where am I going?

Milan, you idiot!

Thank you inner voice.

I looked at the clock on my bedside table and realized I was really gonna be late. It's already 6. I jumped out of my bed and ran towards the bathroom for a quick shower.

"Fast Caro! Fast" Nadia shouted from the other side of the door.

I had called her yesterday night and informed her about the trip, she was extremely excited to hear it and said she will come to the airport as she even wanted to meet Aaron for once.

"Here take this" she said knocking the door. I opened it slightly and she threw my clothes in.

I quickly got dressed and moved out. As I was getting ready, Nadia paced around the room thinking hard and asking me again and again whether if I was forgetting anything. Once I tied my hair in a high pony tail and applied a little makeup, we took the bags and ran down.

Everyone in the house was already awake because of the sounds we were making in hurry, they came out to see what's going on but I didn't have the time to even wait and say a bye to them.

"Ba bye bitches" Nadia waved to my family not even waiting for a split second.

We placed my bags in the cars and Nadia took the driving seat as I don't have faith on my driving when I am in such a hurry. I don't even have faith on Nadia when she is in much more hurry that me, but she warned me to stay quite and sit calmly as she didn't want me to miss my first flight.

What would I have done without a friend like her?!

"What happened to James' nose? I can imagine someone breaking it for the kind of bitch he is" She asked amusingly. She was driving at a very high speed and I think we will die before reaching the airport.

"Aaron did. And slow down the car!" I shouted but she just ignored and pushed the accelerator further.

After exactly 10 mins we were outside the airport. There were a lot of people carrying their bags and entering the waiting area and I just hope I didn't miss the flight.

"It's 6:35. We're late" Nadia said glaring at me, as if it was my fault.

You woke up late. Of course it's your fault.

We took out my bags from the car and I started to move inside when I heard someone call my name.

I turned to look for the voice and saw a man dressed neatly in a formal suite making his way towards me through the crowd.

"Mr. Woodwords is waiting for you over there" he said pointing towards a black SUV at some place.

He took the bags from our hand and Nadia and I followed him towards the car. As we moved closer, Aaron came out of the car, wearing a dark grey t-shirt, that showed off his muscles, and black jeans. He took off his sunglasses and smiled at me.

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