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My flight landed at 6 pm sharp. I thanked my pilot, Mark, and went back to my penthouse. It's been hell of a week especially for my employees, I have been too hard on them since the day I talked to dad. I've already fired almost 50 of them and the rest are flooded with work.

Carter informed me that he heard some of them talking to each other about the amount of work I'm giving them but none had the courage to come up to me. Good for them.

That Walter has already been taken care of, he won't be able to find a new job in this whole continent and of course none of the places where I have my branches.

I told Carter about the contract dad presented to me because I didn't wanted any more problems in it, he said he has taken care of everything and I should sign it by today, he already made dad sign it so, I'm planning to do it after the ball. In that case I'll be taking over tomorrow and that asshole won't get a penny of mine.

Reaching the penthouse I took a quick shower and changed into a tux that I'll be wearing tonight. That ass and his bloody daughter must be there waiting for me but the only reason I want to go is because Caroline. She'll be there and I'll be able to see her, though not talk to her or anything but at least just see her beautiful face.

After gelling my hair and putting on my coat, I moved down to my car. The chauffeur opened the door and I slid inside. Taking a deep breath I ordered him to drive, this is gonna be fucking irritating.

I walked inside looking around the place to find the girl who has haunted my dreams since the day I met her but it seemed she has yet to arrive. I was about to move towards the bar when my father's voice stopped me from behind.

"There he is" he said to someone whom I assumed to be his bastard best friend.

I closed my eyes for a split second, in order to control myself.

No, Aaron you can't just turn around and slice that asshole's head off his body and then gift it to his little whore daughter. That has to wait. Not now.

When I realized I won't do anything like that I turned around with a fake smile on my lips.

"Hello Aaron" James said and I gave him a murderous look to which he shifted a little from his place and said "I mean Mr. Woodwords"

I smirked and replied with just a nod. Dad smiled at me and then made Lahaina to stand beside me. I looked at her face and I wanted to puke, she was wearing a low neck, skin tight dress, her face caked with makeup as she battered her eyelashes to seduce me.

"Pleasure meeting you Lahaina Marshall" I said in between clenched teeth.

"Pleasure is all mine" she said in a flirtatious tone and slid her hands around my left arm, pressing her body to mine.

Remember Aaron not now. You can't drag them out of this place. Your father won't like it and moreover you have your company at stake!

I looked everywhere except the people in front of me to control my fury and the person I saw next made a smile form on my lips. There she was, wearing a red dress that fit her perfectly showing off her curves but not too much, looking heavenly.

But she was not alone, Dylan VanAssche walked beside her and it seemed they know each other quite well. I know him because of my business, he is definitely good at his work but his reputation with women is even worse than mine. I wanted to go to her and punch him on his face as he smiled to my Caroline.

She was looking around as if searching for someone, and I imagined it to be me. She looked a bit disappointed when she didn't find me and I smiled more at the thought.

"It seems you're enjoying her company. Isn't it?" My dad teased and I refrained myself from giving him a good answer.

"Of course we are" Lahaina smiled at me, her fake, made up smile.

I turned around again to look at Caroline, she was staring back at me, her eyes held shock and hurt seeing me with her sister when I was the one who asked her to come here. I moved my gaze away not wanting to see her hurt because I knew if I looked at her for few more seconds I'll just leave everything and go and kiss her.

"Why don't you go and dance?" James said looking at me with a smirk. He knew I was bounded and that I'll have to do it as dad was there too and I didn't really wanted dad to get an impression that I won't be signing the deal.

"Say no to him" I whispered in Lahaina's ear, her perfume making me choke.

"Let's go" she said and smiled at me. Bitch.

Not now, Aaron. Not now.

I took her hand in mine and walked us to the dance floor and started to dance. I looked over to Caroline and she was standing quietly, watching me, as Dylan talked to a group of men.

He looked at Caroline and then whispered something in her ear to which she nodded. I definitely will have to have a good talk with this Dylan guy.

I was looking at her when Lahaina jumped on me and kissed me, before I could push her away I saw Caroline looking at us with wide eyes and then she turned on her heels to leave.

I wanted to run behind her, to stop her, to tell her it was not the way it seemed but I didn't. I didn't because I have a contract to take care of. A FUCKING CONTRACT.

I pushed away Lahaina from me "what the fuck you think you are doing?" I whispered yelled at her.

"Come on Aaron. We're about to get married" she stated in a matter of fact tone and I kept mum.

Lahaina and I, went back to stand with our fathers, talking for a few minutes before I excused myself and came out of the place. Dad followed me outside, placing a hand on my shoulders he said "you'll be signing it tonight. Right?"

"Yes" I whispered and he smiled.

"She's really a nice girl, Aaron" he said.

"Yeah, she is" I said sarcasm dripping from my voice.

"You get the whole company tomorrow, and I want you to go and talk to James and get his signature tomorrow itself" dad said in a fatherly tone and went back in.

I sat in my car and went back to my penthouse, where Carter must be waiting for me with the papers.

"I've checked it sir, there are no loopholes" Carter said and placed the paper in front of me.

I picked up a pen from my table and closed my eyes for a second, Caroline's face came into view and I regretted my decision.

A voice from my heart said I shouldn't but the voice from my brain was louder and it said it was for the best, so I signed it.



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