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**** Caroline's POV ****

"Where to bitch?"

I ran down and was about to go out of the house when Lahaina's words stopped me.

A thought of ignoring her and moving out came to me but I shrugged it away and answered her "Umm... actually... Aaron and I are going to meet Dylan"

She raised her brows as if thinking of something then pushed me away and moved out instead. What's wrong with her!

Just as I took another step my phone rang, I checked the caller id and it was dad's number.

"Yes dad?" I answered the call politely.

"Where are you?" He questioned in his normal pissed out tone.

"At home"

"What a useless piece of shit you are!" He exclaimed. "You are going to get married to Aaron Woodwords, do you have any idea what all you are going to get. I got to know he gave you a Lamborghini yesterday, a fucking Lamborghini, just like that, without any occasion. If that man is willing to spend that much on a trash like you why don't you make full use of it" he shouted at the end.

"What do you mean?" I asked, not sure of what he was asking me to do.

"You fucking dumb ass! Spend time with him, be with him, be good to him, do what all he wants you to. I don't want him to think of you as a bad choice, which of course you are. If he stopped liking you, we're not getting his money. You get that! And if that ever happens you're dead Caro. I won't think twice before killing you" he threatened angrily.

"So you want me to spend his money like water and even pass in on to you?" I asked not able to believe him. How can wealth matter so much to someone?!

He sighed on the other end and spoke after some time "Yes, Caro. Yes. God! You're just like your mother, she was as stupid as you. I pity Aaron to choose you over Lahaina"

I hate it when he speaks about mum like that. How could he. I get it, he doesn't like her and that he even hit her everyday and I never said anything as I was too young, but even after throwing her out, he still speaks ill about her for my mistakes, which I hate too much.

"I won't do it" I snapped.

"Why?" His voice sounded as he was trying his level best not to shout any louder. I'm pretty sure if he was here, he would have slapped me really hard.

"Because I'm like my mother and not like your wonderful other wife and daughter who run after money. I'm not going to fool Aaron just because I have a greedy father" the words slipped my mouth. My heart started to beat faster realizing what I just did and I ended the call.

I shouldn't have said that but they slipped my mouth before I could stop myself. I didn't want him to speak bad about mom. I've heard it all my life, I just failed to control my words this time and he was asking me to rob Aaron. Yeah rob him and give it all to him, so that he lives in luxury.

He must be really furious right now, and will probably punish me badly. And maybe I deserve it. I shouted at him and not just shouted but insulted his wife and daughter. This is so not me.

I will have to apologize to him as soon as I see him next because if I don't, I don't even want to think what he'll do of me.

Pushing all those thoughts at the back of my mind, I moved outside.

Aaron was standing there maybe talking to Lahaina but as soon as he saw me he came towards me and gave a peck on my lips. A smile made its way to my lips automatically. This man always make me feel better, no matter how much trouble I am in.

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